‘Bring Me Back to Life’ by Heistheartist

Multi-talented artist Heistheartist has recently released his debut EP “Sinner”. An EP that can easily be related to his own life and feeling. Being so emotional and heart touching, this EP is surely gonna win him so much fans.

Now coming back to the track we mentioned in the title of this post. Heistheartist’s debut EP “Sinner” on the surface is about Angel’s Vs. Demons, but at it’s core it’s about “fighting your demons” and his song “Bring Me Back to Life” on it showcases that core message to the fullest. And you will surely enjoy it.


And to give you a little idea about how this EP is related to his life and feelings. His brief stint in the porn industry brought a lot of baggage for Heistheartist and the EP draws upon the mental questions that he asked himself. Questions like “Will I always be branded as a sinner?” and “Will my sins ever be fully forgiven?”

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