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Bryce Weiner talks about Tao Network and its effectiveness for Musicians

We recently interviewed Bryce Weiner about his recent projec for the music industry. They are a startup crowd funding an artist-centric blockchain platform for music distribution. As this project will be very helpful for music artists so we have discussed with him all the details of the project and its effectiveness for music artist.

Twist Online: First of all Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Bryce WeinerBryce Weiner: My name is Bryce Weiner and I’m a blockchain engineer. I’ve been in this industry since 2013 when I launched my first public blockchain. I’ve become sort of a fixture in the industry since then because I tend to speak rather plainly about the technology and it’s promise.

Twist Online: You recently started a project, What was the inspiration behind that?

Bryce Weiner: I have a lot of friends who are musicians and in the business of music and they all seemed to have similar complaints. I wanted to help and the Tao Network was the result.

Twist Online: How effective The Tao Network will be for Music industry?

Bryce Weiner: We hope that it will help guide the way that technology for the music industry develops much in the way the MP3 changed the industry 20 years ago. It’s that powerful when done properly.

Twist Online: What makes #Taoblockchain different from blockchain solutions already in the market?

Bryce Weiner: We are focusing on artists and the act of creation and moment at which one establishes their rights to a work. We refer to it as “establishing provenance.” This means when an artist creates something, they are always able to prove their contribution.

Twist Online: Is there any eligibility criteria for Participants of crowdsale?

Bryce Weiner: No, but at this time we are only accepting Bitcoin. Those who contribute to the crowd sale using Bitcoin receive Tao Network tokens in return. The tokens power the functions of the network, but they are also able to be publicly traded and will have a monetary value.


Twist Online: You are so much confident about the success of your ongoing project, what’s the reason behind this?

Bryce Weiner: We’ve spend over a year building relationships with musicians and individuals in the business of music. We listened to them and invited them to participate. What we’ve created is the result of those collaborations.

Twist Online: If anyone want further information do you have handbook, website or any other source of information for them?

Bryce Weiner: I would suggest those looking for more information to visit our website http://tao.network. We have a slack channel where people may ask questions of the team and other interested individuals, as well as a mailing list where people can receive regular updates.

Twist Online: From investment to the end result, what’s the duration of the whole cycle?

Bryce Weiner: We are looking at having a prototype within the next six to eight months. We have a very clear roadmap and a very aggressive development schedule. The more support through funding we receive, the shorter that timeline becomes. We are inviting artists, performers, and those who make it all happen to participate and make their voice heard.


Twist Online: Readers of our magazine would like to follow you for further updates. How can they?

Bryce Weiner: I enjoy Twitter very much and have a feed where I am always available. http://twitter.com/BryceWeiner

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