Spen Doe

California rap artist SpenDoe is still “SERVIN”

After dropping his Done Deal Digital debut ep, “SERVIN,” late last year, Bay Area-based artist SpenDoe is back with more music. The tracks he’s released since fourth quarter are “Foreign To Me,” “Winnin,” and “Lonely.” These are all great tracks, showcasing how SpenDoe can easily adapt to different sounds. Without getting ahead of ourselves, we can’t ignore the fact that the lead single “Smiles & Cries” from last year’s release, remains a strong, and popular song. SpenDoe continues to push this song well into the new year. “SERVIN” brings forth the experiences of SpenDoe, and his time running around the streets of Northern California.

The release has a dark feel to it, overall. It is very interesting, with a cinematic feel. The stand-out gem from the release remains “Smiles & Cries,” which brings some light to the closing of the project. We get to hear a more subtle sounding SpenDoe that many will embrace across the board. ‘Smiles & Cries” is a song that just might be the introduction to a crossover of genres for the Santa Cruz, CA native. We will just have to wait, and see what SpenDoe delivers next.

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