Carla Kleverlaan writes songs for Eurydice Dixon

Carla Kleverlaan has written a song for Eurydice Dixon a young Melbourne comedian that also touches on the violence against women issue. Eurydice’s passing has shone a spot light on this issue and is one continues to need light shone on it.

A young aspiring comedian Eurydice Dixon aged 22, had been raped & murdered by a 19 year old male & found in a park 900m from home.
It fiercely ignited the discussion about violence against women, attitudes towards the treatment of women, the inequality that exists on many levels & how often so many women don’t feel safe in public places (day or night), & ultimately women shouldn’t need to change their behaviour in regard to personal safety, men should. That’s not the first case already dozens of other women faced the same fate.

So Carla Kleverlaan feels herself involved in discussions & seeing this inequality & releasing her first song the same week this brave young lady represented herself & her views on stage to make change in the world while making people laugh, a strong courageous kind woman was taken from us by a random stranger.

Eurydice wanted change and equality & to feel safe to walk home. Her journey moved so many of us especially in Melbourne, & it’s sadly not an uncommon story in the rest of the world. Eurydice means wide justice & in writing this song I wanted to continue her memory of a brave, courageous kind soul & contribute to continuing her legacy.

Telling about writing this track Carla Kleverlaan says,

  “One morning I just sat down & wrote this song. It made me & my partner cry. We went outside to watch the sunset & saw a beautiful double rainbow. Andrew Furze, a beautifully kind natured kind man co-wrote & produced it.”

Here, sadly we can never bring Eurydice back but we can try to make change towards a brighter more safe & loving future. This is what Eurydice wanted. This song is for Eurydice & for all the women who have lost their lives. May they Rest In Peace & may we never forget them & work to create a future where this no longer happens. 

So here we are with this very inspiring #EurydiceSong . Check it out on link below.

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