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Catch the Rhythm of Andy Vargas’ New Single “The Beat” This Summer!

A Single that Captures the Sounds of a Sultry Artist with Passion, Rhythm and Soul

On August 8, 2016 Latin pop-soul singer Andy Vargas will be releasing his new single
“The Beat”.

Andy Vargas struck world-wide fame over a decade ago when he became the lead singer for the iconic rock band “Santana”. For Andy, being a singer was truly a dream come true, that he carried from childhood and was eager to fulfill. The first time he saw Michael Jackson perform on television at the legendary Motown 25th Anniversary special, Andy knew that’s what he had to do with the rest of his life. For Vargas, singing and touring with Carlos Santana has been a thrill ride, as he has helped to fill arenas and venues around the world, receiving the accolades, adoration and compliments of numerous fans that he inspires through the music.

When Andy is not touring with Santana his life still revolves around music as a songwriter, musician , DJ, social entrepreneur and philanthropist bringing hope to communities and at-risk youth through the power of the beat. Andy recognizes that music is a universal language and a powerful tool to help heal the aliments of the world and that’s why he wrote his aptly named brand new single “The Beat”. “The experiences and tragedies of the world are understood by how the media portrays them. Music is a constant motivator and escape for what the world is dealing with on a daily basis. “The Beat” reminds us to celebrate our lives and depart from the fear of our world’s tragedies,” states the singer.

“The Beat” , written by Andy Vargas and Michael Carey ,who is also the song’s producer, is being released independently under Souleros Music and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and other outlets. He is also gearing up for a promotional tour and getting ready to film “The Beat” Music Video which will also debut on Vevo this summer.

For more information about Andy Vargas and his new single please visit the artist’s website at

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