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Celine Schmink “Paris-Memphis” – Review

Celine Schmink brings a sophomore project to the market called “Paris-Memphis.” It is tight on the heels of “La ballade d’Anissa”, the first release. The special thing about Schmink’s work is that it is dark and airy, imbued with romance. It also tells a story. While the first release was more electronic-based, this second one brings a lightness to the mix that is refreshing.

Celine Schmink

Schmink has been a dedicated dancer and it has always shown in the works she’s involved in. You can sense a true appreciation for the arts and that affects the end result. Everything is painted on a backdrop of artsy beauty. “Paris-Memphis” is no different. It’s a tribute to American blues and easily pairs with a Chris Isaak sound. This album though has an intended indie rock sound that harkens to true Americana. Just think California mixed with Parisian sounds and you have the blend here.

Ask Schmink and she’ll tell you that the theme of “Paris-Memphis” is travel. You can hear the drifter in her with “Betes d’orage”, the first track. It has a definite Parisian influence. The successful link between Paris and California rock styles is evident. The best thing about it is the easy feel. The interesting thing behind it though is that it is an intricate sound despite being light and enjoyable.

Celine Schmink

It’s clear that “Betes d’orage” is the stand-out on this album. Some electro-tunage on the background makes it the perfect unique contribution to the music world. It’s great news to know that a music video was created to match up with the song. There is a humor to the message of the video. It stars Jean Masini, the famous French actor. This is appropriate and tied to Schmink’s style and love of the fine country. The video by the way took on official viral status so definitely check it out!


The unique sound of this sophomore release sets an obvious difference between it and the first release. While the first one was built on electronic music, the second invites atmospheric and airy feels to the mix. You can hear the intricate melding of the autoharp, pedal steel, fiddles and the guitar. All the instruments are there for a reason and play an important in contributing to the overall sound. That’s one thing that you are going to find with Schmink’s work: though it’s effortless in presentation, it doesn’t lack in true depth.

Celine Schmink pochette PM pourcom

Overall this release is a sign of the artistry of Schmink. All aspects of art that are combined into a successful release are evident. If you are looking to hear a true artist successfully combine sounds and genres, then give this a listen. It definitely is going to be a favorite on your playlist.

Her music website : www.laparoliere.com Her facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/celineschmink Her dance website : www.primitiveapproach.com

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