“Chase” by Russell

By hearing the opening chords of “Chase”, you can already tell what mood singer/rapper Russell, IV is preparing the listener to experience. For the first 23 seconds of the song, sounds of classic 90s baby making R&B chords serenade the ears. The new single, produced by Jupyter, from Russell’s forthcoming project entitled ReapHer, explores the highly relatable “lust at first sight” scenario as Russel, IV turns up his swag in hopes of pursuing a girl that he just met at a club.
Russell, IV is no stranger to going after what he wants. He has been steadily chasing his goals of success and has made a name for himself in the Metro Detroit area. Working in the industry for eight years, he has made great strides in his career by releasing music, producing and penning songs for other artists. In 2015, he even developed his own imprint named Radio RDY Music Group. With all this experience in hard work, cuffing the girl in “Chase” should be a piece of cake.
Russell, IV sets the scene up picture clear throughout the hook and verses. After initially meeting the girl at the club, they go back in forth with short flirty conversation. She plays hard to get but he doesn’t back down. This persistence is shown in the chorus as he sings;
“Don’t make me chase…I was standing across the room, wonder what your name is….If I put my number in your phone, will you save it…”
The two play the “dog chase the cat” game for a while but eventually his amount of confidence and her actual attraction to him seems to win her over in the second verse.
Even with the deep R&B undertones of the song, the added Pop and Hip Hop elements on top, makes the record fresh and exciting. There is even a faint airy female vocal that delivers a smooth texture to the hook. The combination of rapping and singing fits well with the popular music trend of today. Imagine if Migos and Usher collaborated on a song, the result would be “Chase”.
This is one of those feel good fun songs that everyone can relate too. No matter the age, gender or race, people have at one time in their lives found themselves in this situation. According to Russell, IV, he drew inspiration from the Michael Jackson classic “The Way You Make Me Feel”. He stated that Michael Jackson’s music made the female listeners feel beautiful and male listeners feel confident. Russell hopes to recreate that same positive reaction with his own music.
Make sure to purchase and steam the new single “Chase” and Russell, IV’s other music on all digital platforms. For more information and news, follow him on Instagram @russell.4th.



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