Christmas Day on Planet Earth – Lennie Gallant with Black Umfolosi

Christmas Day on Planet Earth uses the Christmas nativity story of the tired couple in need, looking for safe lodging for their baby to be born, set against the present day situation of desperate families and homeless people in need of shelter. “There are so many kids, moms, and dads out there who will not have something decent to eat, or a place to sleep, let alone a gift under a tree. I thought the original Christmas story might open some hearts if they look at it in the context of what is happening in many parts of the world today” says Gallant.

The video’s birth started last July when an agent for the Zimbabwe band, Black Umfolosi mentioned to Canadian songwriter, Lennie Gallant that the group was passing through his province, PEI, and were looking for a place to stay for a couple days. Lennie said he would help out and found them cottages near him. The agent suggested that perhaps while there they could record a song with him and so Lennie wrote “Christmas Day on Planet Earth” with the singers in mind. They recorded the song and filmed a video for it all in one day in a friend’s studio barn on PEI with filmmaker John Hopkins.

Gallant is well known across Canada as a prolific songwriter and has a brand new album out called Time Travel. He is a member of The Order Of Canada, received The Red Cross Humanitarian Award for his province , and has even had his music taken to the International Space Station for the crew to enjoy. He has worked with the Mikinduri Children of Hope Foundation, founded on his Island that has initiated and funded many projects in Kenya.

Black Umfolosi is a world famous acappella and dance group from Zimbabwe. Their performances are energy driven and completely engaging, mixing a great gentleness of spirit and song with an exuberance in dance thrilling audiences worldwide and they address various issues affecting society today.

Every so often a song comes along to inspire hope … Debbie Feener

Breathtakingly beautiful. Michele Moffat

I have watched the video about 20 times…. you have told the story of the true meaning of Christmas. Harvey Vautour Attachments

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