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Conversation with a rising star ‘Andrew Gerard’

Andrew Gerard is relatively new to the industry but within this short span of time he has got so much attentions and appreciation. His sheer talent in playing guitar and good voice quality has put him on the track to success. We are sharing our recent interview with him here.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Andrew Gerard : I am a singer/songwriter from Vancouver Canada. I have been playing guitar my entire life, but just started singing around 2 years ago.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into this music?
Andrew Gerard : Probably my Father. He was a classical guitarist and I spent every day after school at the Royal Conservatory in Ottawa where I was born being surrounded by music and my mother for letting me pursue music as a kid, our band jammed in our basement. To this day she is so supportive.

Twist Online : Your debut single ‘Here’ was #16 in the IMN ( Independent music network) top 100 charts for a week. It must have given you courage to go ahead?
Andrew Gerard : Yes of course.. especially since I actually never planned on releasing the Ep in the first place! I recorded it just for my family and friends. All the songs are about people I know, some about my life, etc, so when I saw that other people started to connect with the songs it was definitely inspiring. I never set out to write songs that other people will like, I am pretty selfish that way. I just do what I like and if other people like it, that’s amazing.

Twist Online : Anne Heche recently featured in your music video ‘Falling to Pieces’. Tell us about that?
Andrew Gerard : Well that was quite the set of circumstances that came together to make that happen, mostly due to director Chris Fisher. Anne was filming Aftermath, a tv series in Vancouver where I live, and Fisher was working on the show. He invited me to set to shoot some clips of me singing my song ‘Falling to Pieces’ at the location over their break period, ironically the song is about losing your mind and the location was an abandoned mental hospital.I wrote the song about a dark period I went through a few years ago when I had a car accident and Traumatic Brain injury. Anne heard the song being played and connected with it. Anne’s autobiography is titled ‘Call me Crazy’ She was kind enough to let me know she loved my voice, the song and everything about the video. The next Day Fisher called me to say Anne agreed to be IN the video to help me, I could not believe it. She is so badass.

Twist Online : How did you start working with Director Chris Fisher?
Andrew Gerard : Fisher is an amazing director, but lucky for me, also a friend. He has been watching me grow as a musician, and been very supportive. Fisher also plays guitar drums and sings and loves music in general, so when it came time to do a video, it was only natural to work together. He is an amazing camera operator and director, but more importantly he has an ability to see the bigger picture and gets exactly what I am trying to convey.

Twist Online : Your music is currently being played on more than 30 UK FM and internet radio stations. You must be excited with the kind of coverage you are receiving?
Andrew Gerard : To be honest I am blown away, I clicked on a couple of link and listened in. Just hearing the DJ announce the song is kind of cool! Jay Adkins from NUA show is to thank for getting my music out there, I believe 5 songs are in rotation at the moment. Also I have to thank all the people on social media that have been following and sharing my music, videos etc I am hoping Radio station in Canada will pick it up soon, sometimes it’s hard to get noticed in your home town.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Andrew Gerard : I honestly don’t love just one genre.. I am very drawn to music with a strong emotive feeling. Sade, Sting, James Blake and Dallas Green are currently on my phone in repeat.

Twist Online : You have achieved so much within 2 years. What’s you next target?
Andrew Gerard : I am currently still writing and recording my 2nd EP, the first one just came out, but I have so many songs coming out of me, and I am finding I really want these songs to say things I would not really say in person in a conversation. I have been lucky to work with Ran Pink, my producer in LA and will continue to work with him on the second album. In Vancouver I have the support of Scott Young from Alchemy studios where I record some guitars and vocals prior to going down to LA. Also looking forward to working with my friend Danny Craig, he produced Perfect Illusion off the EP.

Twist Online : Are you working on any other project?
Andrew Gerard : I have been approached to write with some other artists for their album, and I have never written with anyone else so I am curious to see what happens, but generally I am so immersed in this album right now I wake up and go to sleep thinking about every song.

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