Conversation with A Talented Artist ‘Le Boeuf’

Today on our Hot Seat we have an artist who have gain a lot of popularity through his mixes. Yes that’s Le Boeuf who has recently released her first single. Let’s have a chat with him

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Le Boeuf : I with my unique sound created a fast-growing fan base throughout the world.
The mix of Deep Tropical House and Nu Disco has given me recognition on the music sharing site, Soundcloud, where I have 7.000.000+ plays.
My remixes of “It Wasn’t Me”, “Regulate” and “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”, especially, have trended in the music industry. The latter has been featured for a long time on various dance charts and generated international attention.
It has led to official remixes for, Dj Mustard and Seinabo Sey.
I am now ready to take over the world with my newly released single “Waiting For You”.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?
Le Boeuf : It started out pretty natural when I at the age of 13 years old got a music software called Ejay for Christmas. I started out jamming with my friends and quickly started progressing and wanted to make everything from scratch, that’s when i got into a music software called Reason, and has been using that since.

Twist Online : Your mixes did really well on soundcloud. You must be excited about that?
Le Boeuf : Yeah, it’s always lovely to get recognition and see something grow especially with unofficial things which just grow naturally without any force from the label industry unfortunately my most popular remix “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” got taken down after nearly 2 million streams.

Twist Online : Your first single ‘Waiting For You’ is on its way. Tell us about that?
Le Boeuf : Yeah man, I am so excited for this one, a first single is always something special. I got introduced to a songwriter/singer from Sweden and started creating the track. It all went out pretty organic and natural.

Twist Online : What kind of response are you expecting from this release?
Le Boeuf : I really hope to get this one in rotation on some of the biggest radio stations, but let’s see, i cross my fingers.
It has already got support on some big Spotify playlist’s like H&M’s In store playlist and New music Friday.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Le Boeuf : UK House and R&B are my thing!

Twist Online : What are your future goals as music artist?
Le Boeuf : I got many milestones to reach still, but definitely a worldwide hit single someday 🙂

Twist Online : Are you working on any other new project? when it will be released?
Le Boeuf : Yeah man, working hard on the next single but haven’t really planned a release yet.

Twist Online : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you?
Le Boeuf : Yes of course, Soundcloud or Facebook are good ways 🙂

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