Conversation with a very talented artist “Vango”

We recently had conversation with Anthony who as known as “Vango” in the music world. It was a very interesting conversation and Vango’s fans will come to know a lot more about him after reading this interview.

Twist Online: First tell us a little about the starting of your music career.

Vango: Well, as a part-time activity, my first contact with the music industry was 10 years ago when I’ve organized my first event/party in a club. But officially, my music career full-time started this year on May 7th when I’ve released my first single, Game of Music, along with other four singles.

Twist Online: Tell us about your recent release “Game of Music”?

Vango: I love to make things different and to blend unique sounds! So I’ve mixed medieval with electronic music as a tribute to the greatest Game of Thrones movie. It wasn’t easy but so far so good: the feedback was positive and I’m really grateful for that!

Twist Online: Are there any plans of releasing video of any of your songs in the near future?

Vango: Definitely! In my mind, the next singles will all have videos but first I will watch the feedback from my fans. I’m also thinking to make a video for Game of Music in the near future.

Twist Online: What is your favourite music genre?

Vango: I don’t have only one favourite genre. I’m in love with almost all the music genres and sub-genres. From classical music, jazz and blues to electro and EDM.

Twist Online: Is there anyone in the music industry you are inspired of?

Vango: Yes, I’m inspired by the pioneers like Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk or Vangelis (in the electronic music and ambiental field) but also Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Queen, Eric Clapton, Sting, Gary Moore and so on. From the fellow Djs/producers and colleagues nowadays, I’m inspired by Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Dillon Francis. They are really talented!

Twist Online: What was your idea behind creation of “Electric Mixing”?

Vango: It’s a funny story. I was at my cousin’s wedding in 2013 and he invited a DJ and a pop band to perform. While the band was in a short break, the DJ was in charge with the music. Suddenly, the band’s guitarist started to play his guitar along with the song that was mixed by the DJ. I was shocked in a good way because the duo was simply amazing!
Shortly after this, I’ve created the “Electric Mixing” concept: I was the DJ and a friend of mine the guitarist. The collaboration was a success!

Twist Online: What’s the main target you want to achieve in your life?

Vango: Even if it’s a cliche, I want to inspire people and to make them happy with my music and shows! My long term goal is to achieve global recognition with my songs and concerts, to create unique experiences and to leave something valuable behind. I consider myself a simply guest in this fascinating world and life is too short not to do what you like the most!

Twist Online: Are you working on any new project? When will it be released?

Vango: Now I’m working at my new single, “Perspectives”, which will be released in July. Also I’m involved in a collaboration but for now I can’t reveal too much information.
It’s a surprise!

Twist Online: How your fans can follow you online? Are you on social media?

Vango: Of course, I’m on social media and I also have an official website You can find me on Facebook here , Twitter here and SoundCloud here:

Thank you very much!

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