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Conversation With An Emerging Singer Mollie Ann

Mollie Ann is an emerging singer & songwriter. She is currently working with producers from all over the world. We recently had conversation with her about her past, present and future. Lets have a look.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about your past and start of your music career.
Mollie Ann : I have been singing my whole life. I remember my parents telling me of when they first found out I could sing. I was at my aunt’s house singing a Disney Pocohantas song (my favorite song at the time)in the backyard. My aunt thought the radio was playing and was confused because there wasn’t supposed to be a radio in the backyard. She was shocked when she saw it was me, a little 4 year old girl just singing her heart out. Growing up I was extremely shy and would barely sing in front of my parents. I was involved in school choirs, piano, band, theater, and have had classical voice training… music has been something that has always come so naturally to me, but I was terrified to execute on my talents until I met my best friends in college (hey girls! :)) and they really pushed me to come out of my shell and pursue my dreams. I wouldn’t be in the position I am now without their encouragement. A little over a year ago I started recording, writing and working with producers. In that short period of time I have learned so much and grown so much as a singer and songwriter. I have connected with some really incredible people who are nothing but supportive of me and my goals. As for now, I am working on original productions, covers, and working to get my music heard and my name out there!

Twist Online : What do you like most? Song writing or singing?
Mollie Ann : That’s a tough one! They are both super important to me, but for different reasons. Songwriting is my way of expressing my thoughts, emotions, and sharing experiences with my audience, so it’s so much more personal to me. It’s an extremely creative way for me to use music as an outlet for so many things in life. Singing is my ultimate stress reliever & my favorite hobby! It’s so amazing to perform for people and to get a positive reaction from them. I really do believe that music speaks to people on another level.

Twist Online : Is there someone you are inspired of?
Mollie Ann : Adele and Amy Winehouse for sure. They have such classic, timeless voices and that’s something that I want to achieve in the long run. Being a timeless artist takes time and consistency. As an emerging artist I am still finding that niche- what really makes me tick and how I can produce the best I can.

Mollie ann singer

Twist Online : Do you work according to plans to achieve your goals?
Mollie Ann : HA! I try! The music industry is CRAZY! I had a conference call with a producer I am currently working with at 3 am one night, I was thrown a song and asked to write for it in one day, and deadlines often change. But I definitely try to stick to the plans I have made for myself. I’ve come to learn that as an independent artist without any form of management takes a lot of self motivation and planning. I don’t have someone telling me what songs I should cover, how many songs I should have finished by a certain date, who I should be contacting, who to avoid… it’s a learning process for sure.

Twist Online : Tell us more about your songs?
Mollie Ann : Right now I am working with a lot of EDM producers. Very up-beat, fun, and unique songs! At the end of the year I plan on releasing my very first EP! These songs are jazz-pop influenced and are still undergoing the writing process.

Twist Online : What kind of music you like?
Mollie Ann : I love all sorts of music! I’ve been really into EDM & electronic music for quite some time now which is influencing my current style right now. Jazz-pop (like Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, etc.) is also something that I am really in to, and always have been. I personally think this genre is timeless and it’s what I eventually want to focus on permanently as I grow as an artist.

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?
Mollie Ann : Passion. Singing has been the one constant thing in my life that has always brought me happiness.

Twist Online : Any projects you are working on? When it will be released?
Mollie Ann : I have a few singles coming out in the next few months! I have been working with amazing producers from all over the world including, BAUNS, Pawax, Kodrix, and Envidium. I can’t wait to share these projects with the world! One of them was actually signed to the label Bred N’ Butter, but we are still working on a release date for that. I definitely have a lot that I’ve been sitting on but as soon as I have release dates I will be sharing those on my social media accounts!

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Mollie Ann : Yes! I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud & YouTube.


Thanks Mollie ! It was really nice talking with you.

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