Conversation with Artist Dina Renee about her upcoming EP “La La La”

Dina Renee is a pop recording artist and songwriter who started playing piano and writing songs since she was 5. Her unique sound is influenced by Max Martin’s catchy pop melodies and related to the younger generation and beyond. She is releasing her next single off her anticipated EP entitled La La La later this month.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music profession?
Dina : Hi it’s me Dina. I grew up in Tennessee but always knew I belonged in Hollywood. I started singing and writing songs when I was 5 years old. Mariah Carey was my biggest influence and later Britney Spears changed my life. We have the same soul I’m convinced.

Twist Online : You got into music at a very young age. Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?
Dina : My sister had a Paula Abdul cassette player. I started listening to it on headphones and found this whole other world that I could escape to. I taught myself to play the piano when I was 4 and just loved the way music made me feel. I remember seeing the Mariah Carey video for “Someday” and this inner voice was so strong it said “You have to do this one day.” I always knew this was what I loved most in life. Music.

Twist Online : You are releasing title song of your EP “La La La” later this month. Tell us about that?
Dina : My producers Leo and AJ sent me the sample track and I came up with the melody and chorus the first time I heard it. My mother’s cancer was spreading more and I was so deeply saddened and at a loss to how to even deal with the pain. I was filming a tv show that barely paid and couldn’t even afford to fly home to be with her. I went to Aj’s and recorded the track that night. I didn’t finish it until after my mother passed away months later. The song was rooted with how I felt about my mother, but I ended up writing it about a breakup after it was finished because I felt that was more relatable and we’ve all been there before. It’s about how you would do anything to escape that empty feeling after a breakup. I also love the Ace of Base type vibe of the song and it has an upbeat cool melody.

Twist Online : How many songs you are planning to be in your much anticipated EP?
Dina : I want to do at least 6 songs. I am really excited to finally have my music out there. My last single was released a year ago and it did have a great response but I didn’t do much promotion before I released it. I’m such a perfectionist it is hard for me to deal with the business end of the music business. I just want to create and perform.

Twist Online : I loved your track “All in Front of You”. What was the inspiration behind this?
Dina : Thank you! “All in Front of You” is cool because there’s not a lot of songs out there on this topic. It was written on my rooftop in Hollywood. I had just moved to LA and I have a tendency to always go for guys that I can’t have. It’s about being best friends with someone and watching them date literally every person but you when you know you would be perfect for them. Everything they could ever want (which is you) is “all in front of them” and they just can’t seem to see it. I think a lot of guys have been deemed in the friend zone too and I sort of wrote this for them too.

Twist Online : What is your favorite music genre?
Dina : Pop, Pop/rock, R&B have always been my favorite. Is producer Max Martin a genre? I’d pick that if it was- my dream is to work with him one day. People have told me to sing country since I’m from Tennessee originally but I could never go against what I know my soul loves. I’ve always really loved people that sing their own music they wrote. The soul of the song just comes alive when you can tell the singer really has been through what they are singing.

Twist Online : What are your future goals as music artist?
Dina : I want to inspire the world. My good friend was tragically murdered 2 months before I moved to LA which really showed me how short life really is. She would have turned 29 today. In honor of her birthday I just want to say we all have a passion we are supposed to share with the world and if I’m blessed to share mine while I’m here there’s nothing more I could want than that. I am candidly me and I will never try to be anything else. I want to be the kind of music artist Justin Timberlake is. He never goes against who he is. As serious as this interview has been I’m actually a really weird quirky person and I love writing comedy songs as well. I don’t want to be branded normal. That would just be terrible.


Twist Online : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you?
Dina : You can follow me @ Dreamitdina on Instagram and @dinarenee on Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, and Facebook. I’m also do live streaming on the Periscope and busker app if you want to watch my ridiculous life story as it unfolds. Until next time…

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