Conversation with Fam Band

FAM Band is a rock duo from Cincinnati, OH. We are sharing our conversation with them.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Fam Band :
What’s up. We’re FamBand. AK77 and White Gold. We’re brothers, we’re fam, we have mo’ fam that jumps in with the FamBand.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to launch your rock duo ‘FAM Band’.
Fam Band :
Our fam has a tradition of making music and we wanted to form a band in which all of our fam could collaborate.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “Escape from Ohio” ?
Fam Band :
Just a fun rocky song specifically about a trip to New Orleans for our otha brutha’s bachelor party. This otha brutha, JGutty, sometimes drums with the FamBand. Not as specifically, more encompassingly, the song is about escaping the day to day and embracing the losing of one’s mind periodically if only for a short time. Other Fam performing on this song include AK’s brother, Frankly Speaking Schneider with a small Cameo by L-Chuck-G.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Fam Band :
Fantastic. Just fantastic. People seem to love this.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
Fam Band
: Hard to say. We really do love the finished recorded product. We have rules when making our music because this is not ‘Nam – there are rules. Our main rule is that we have one evening to crank out the basics of a song. Very little premeditation allowed if any. We then get pros involved to make it sound… better. But I guess we’d say recording because listening to that finished product is so satisfying.

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a music duo?
Fam Band :
When you click with someone there is nothing better, unless they happen to be family as well. It’s amazing how just two people can make so much noise. It’s also easier without too many cooks in the kitchen. AK and WG have different sounds and styles, but their musical tastes and preferences overlap each other quite readily. We think that has led us to catchy, but rich, songs both melodically and lyrically.

Twist Online : Have you set any goals to achieve?
Fam Band : Our main goal is for our music to be heard and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming project?
Fam Band :
Currently we are spending one night per month together and cranking out a song in that night. We’re releasing 12 songs over 12 months made with “the rule”. At the end of the 12 months, in June of 2021, we will release a full album of around 16 tracks or so.

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