Conversation with music band “j and the 9s”

We recently had a conversation with j and the 9s, a hard hitting, glam punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online: First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
j and the 9s:  We are j and the 9s from Brooklyn, NY. An original glam rock punk band with a flute, a very interactive stage show and lots of glitter. 😉

Twist Online: Our readers would like to know about the band members and their roles in the band?
j and the 9s: There are 3 of us:
j9: vocals/flute
KOJO: Bassist and backing vocals
Beatz: Drums/Hype Man

Twist Online: Who or what inspired you to start the band?
j and the 9s:
j9: I had just moved back from England to NY and really felt NYC’s energy. It inspired me to do rock music—a style I had never done before and to just let go. To figuratively throw whatever at the wall and see what stuck, and what didn’t. Thankfully NYC is a place that allows you to do that. Over time the performance, the music, and the musicians involved grew into something I never would’ve dreamed of. And, I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Twist Online: Tell us about your recent release “Love to Be”. 
j and the 9s: It’s the 1st single off of our upcoming ep “the terrible twos” set to be released next month. It was written over honey whiskey and is a special one because it has a flute and guitar “battle” in the middle. We also released a music video for it where it takes you into  a house show full of mayhem. It’s the 1st song and video we’ve released for a while, so it’s been a long time coming.

Twist Online: What kind of response you are have received from the release?
j and the 9s: We’ve received a great response so far. Especially because the video is attached to it. We are a very visual band and intense performers, and that really comes across. To the fans that have seen us before, and to the new person randomly checking us out. Some people aren’t able to make it out to shows for various reasons, others want to see us live after watching it. In both instances, the video puts them right in the middle of it.

6. Twist Online: What attracts you more performing on stage or working in studios?  
j and the 9s:
  j9– Definitely performing. Because our live shows are always unpredictable, we or the audience never know what’s going to happen. We are very interactive performers, and I’m more off the stage than on it (also walking on the bar in the venue (when they let me), standing on stools, on people’s shoulders, crawling on the floor, through peoples’ legs or knocking against them to encourage a mosh pit), and the guys are thrashing around running all around the stage. We feed off of the audience and the different locations we perform in which creates a different experience every single time.
Recording is more concentrated, meticulous and long. It takes a lot out of me personally, but in a different way. It feels like a big accomplishment when a recording is done since it takes so much time to build. And to build correctly. There is a satisfaction with doing both, but performing on stage is definitely the winner for me.

KOJO: Performing. Especially when you can REALLY feed off the crowd.

Beatz: Performing live for sure, but recording immortalizes you forever and ever which is cool as well.

Twist Online: What’s your favorite music genre?
j and the 9s:

j9– I really don’t have one. I listen to various types of music, all at different times of the day. It depends on my mood, what I’m feeling at that moment, and what I’m doing. Or, am inspired to do. I can wake up and want to hear a rock song one morning, or a classical song the next.

KOJO: Simply put, Rock N Roll.

Beatz: There are only 2 types of music in every genre, good music and bad music, I only listen to good music.

Twist Online: Have you set some goals to achieve as a band?
j and the 9s: To record and release more music more consistently. We haven’t released anything since 2013 and are having so much fun with all of this, we can’t wait to get back into the studio to record more.

 Twist Online: Are you working on any new projects?
j and the 9s: Yes! We are planning to release a 2nd single off of the unreleased ep and do another music video to accompany it. After we release the full ep next month, we’re planning to go back into the studio to record soon after so we can release more music in the fall.
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