John Keenan the illusion of logic

Conversation With Hip-Hop Artist & Producer John Keenan

Today on our Hot Seat we have hip hop artist/producer John Keenan. He released his third album last month. Lets ask him about his recent release and career.

Twist Online : What inspired you to get into this industry?
John Keenan :   I’ve always loved music of all kinds. It’s a universal language. Babies nod their heads, every culture thought history has made music. I wanted to contribute to that in my way.

Twist Online : You recently released your 3rd Album. Tell us about that.
John Keenan :   It was a great experience. I hadn’t released anything for a couple years but “The Illusion of Logic’ came out last month and it was great to work with the talented people on the album.

Twist Online : All your Album tracks will be your favorites but any particular one you liked working on?
John Keenan :   My favorite track is “old and famous” besides the ones with my brother. There’s a Steve Winwood inspired synth solo in the bridge that’s my favorite part of the whole album.

Twist Online : How was the response to your Album from your fans?
John Keenan :  It was good. I love hearing it helped someone. Here’s a heartbreak song for instance, making it helped me and maybe it can help you.

Twist Online : Any particular reason for going for Hip-Hop?
John Keenan :   I believe I’m a hip hop artist because it’s the music of my time and what I liked. If it were the 80’s I’d be in an electro-pop group.

Twist Online : what do you enjoy most, working in studio or performing on stage?
John Keenan :    I love getting crazy and making eq adjustments to a snare for 10 hours but it’s not productive. Being on stage is a natural high but I get too wrapped up in the production often.

Twist Online : What has been one of the biggest achievements in your career so far?
John Keenan :     Just completing this last project was giant for me. I told myself that I’m either going to die or finish this album.

Twist Online : What projects do you have coming up?
John Keenan :   I have half of a “Mind Of A MadMan Mixtape 2” done but I like rapping on my instrumentals so I’ve been making a giant batch of beats.

Twist Online : What would be your best piece of advice to upcoming artists?
John Keenan :    Every breakthrough I’ve had was a little bit past complete frustration.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
John Keenan :  My instagram is @jkeenanonline and so is my snapchat. I’m buck wild on there. Or visit on my site or YouTube.

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