Conversation with Indie Electro-Rock Duo “Z Quest”

We recently interviewed Z Quest, an Indie Electro- Rock Duo Consist of Adir Benezra & Galor Taite Two multi instrumental musicians, Music producers & Vocalists from Israel. There debut album “Ashes of Plain” was released in june 2016 With a special summer “album launch tour” through Europe.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Z Quest :  Hello 😉
We are Galor Taite & Adir Benezra.  Two Musicians from Israel, known as the Electro Rock band Z Questt.

Twist Online : What inspired you to start Z Questt?
Z Quest :  About 4 years ago, we played together in a Trio rock band, that experimented with live electronics and sampling. During the recording of our first album with the band, the drummer decided to pursue other stuff, and we have found our self, with 4 hands and way to many ides. We have dedicated the next 2 years working in the studio, writing and recording what will be “Ashes of plain” – Z Questt’s debut album, while creating experimental instruments and setup so we could play it all live, just the two of us.

Twist Online : We recently come across your live performance of ‘HAVEN’.It was really impressive performance. Our readers would like to know about “Z Quest live show”?
Z Quest : Z Quest live show is a unique experience Drifting from a solid rock show to a dreamy electro party. Featuring multi-instrumental live music and audio sampling Clashing hypnotic beats and bursting guitars. On the live video of “Haven”, We assembled our full live setup, in a metal garden, filled with artwork of the artist Jakob Dorchin, and just played our hearts out, while recording it all, and having the talented photographer Dima Haver filming the video.

Twist Online : How was the response to your debut album “Ashes of Plain”?
Z Quest : We got some surprised looks from people after hearing Ashes of plain for the first time. The response we got the most is that its new, something that people haven’t heard before. The album also got some great reviews by international blogs and music sites, such as:
“Space atmospheric and mystical vibe creates an adventurous feeling, makes you drift away to your fantasies.”

Twist Online : How was your special summer “album launch tour” through Europe?
Z Quest :  In one word – Adventure!
The 2016 album launch tour, took us across Europe, from cites to the country side. The journey was breath taking, and we felt amazing connecting with our crowd.

Twist Online : What do you enjoy more performing on stage or working in studios?
Z Quest :  That’s a tough one. We love diving into to the depths of creating and recording at the studio. We have our own recording studio, where we do most of our recording and live work, and we love it. But there is no thrill like what takes over you, once you get on the stage. for us performing live is what makes us alive. so, both 😉

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Z Quest :  Well sure. We are going to record our second album in January 2017, that is going to be something totally new and we are very exited. We plan on going back on tour soon, and will come to play live in venues around Europe this spring and summer.

Twist Online : Your fans would be waiting for your 2nd Album, Can we have any release date?
Z Quest : Well, we think the second album will be releases sometime on February 2017.
keep tuned for the official release date on our website:


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