Conversation with multi-talented DJ Fee

North London Born Russell Fehlau AKA DJ Fee is on the music scene from long time now. We are sharing our recent interview with him.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
DJ Fee : I gained an interest in underground dance music during the Acid Warehouse rave days of the late 80’s and early 90’s & as a regular listener to the music broadcasting on the airwaves across London on the more prolific pirate radio stations of the day such as Phantasy FM, Centre Force & Sunrise listening to DJ’s such as Hype, Dj Rap, Randall etc.
It was during this time i decided i wanted to be a DJ & make my own music.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry ?
DJ Fee : It was the need to put to use my growing collection of vinyl really but then an opportunity presented itself to me to join Weekend Rush FM an East London Pirate Radio & to present my own show playing Jungle/ Hardcore.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent project?
DJ Fee : Currently working on promoting MUUSIC.FM which I have a regular show on & MUUSIC.TV where we stream live from Club Venues. MUUSIC MEDIA is essentially a DJ Digital Network incorporating a 24/7 radio station, media promotions, digital distribution.
We are in the process of launching a whitepaper for the MUUSIC COIN a cryptocurrency which we already have support from big name DJ’s such as Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry who are ready to endorse the cryptocurrency. It has been very challenging navigating the new Technology such as the Blockchain etc.

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a DJ ?
DJ Fee : Getting that Bass-line hit of course lol & having exclusive access to new tunes, being able to try out new sounds & test what works on the dance-floor but ultimately it’s about creating a memorable experience for the crowd generating a shared mood & understanding the feelings of a group of people there & then in that moment in time.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
DJ Fee : For me they both go hand in hand, the time spent in the studio directly relates to being able to give a great performance on stage & of course the feedback from the crowd is very satisfying & what drives us dj’s but there’s no better feeling than creating a new sound in the studio in anticipation of sharing it with a live crowd.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
DJ Fee : I have no one single favorite genre I’m a Jazz enthusiast , who loves Broken beats, Drum & Bass, House & Garage & Electronic music

Twist Online : Have you set some target to achieve ?
DJ Fee : I would like to see the successful launch of the MUUSIC COIN by the end of 2018

Twist Online : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?

DJ Fee : Along with my DJ partner at the time Paul Cartwright AKA DJ Baron i was largely responsible for the mainstream crossover success of DJ Luck & MC Neat’s classic chart hit “ A little bit of luck “
The artists were signed to Red Rose Recordings a new label at the time which was originally a creative vision of DJ Baron.I worked as A & R talent scout for Red Rose Recordings & the label continued to have other chart successes as UK Garage became mainstream.
After a 2 year period i left Red Rose Recordings with 4 Top Ten chart hit successes & 2 compilation album hits for the label.
I continued working with DJ Luck & MC Neat & we joined BOOM Management where i helped manage DJ Luck & MC Neat whilst developing new talent & heading StreetSales Vinyl Distribution.

For music you can visit www.mixcloud/theDJFee

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