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Conversation with Resonation Entertainment Group Owner Tashia

We had an opportunity to have conversation with TASHIA the owner of Resonation Entertainment Group.

Twist Online : First tell us a little about your start in Music industry?
TASHIA :  I always loved music (as far as I can remember).  I noticed not only did I just like a song but I truly listened to the song.  I paid attention to the layers of the music, the lyrics, the arrangement, everything. I started about 15 years ago writing poems which eventually turned to songs.  Initially, I didn’t know in what capacity I wanted to be in the music industry but I knew I wanted to add value and inspire.

Twist Online : What was the idea behind the creation of “Resonation Entertainment Group” ?
TASHIA :  I created Resonation Entertainment Group out of my need to hear quality inspirational music.  In speaking with others who also felt that there is something missing in the music today, I decided to take action and create an environment conducive to producing what I felt was missing.   Things like a songs with a message/meaning, lyrics to spark a feeling, and vocals you can clearly understand.  I feel like today the beat is more important than the lyrics.

Twist Online : What are achievements of the Group so far ?
TASHIA :  The company was started in 2014.  Since that time we’ve:  developed and launched an Android app; entered into a co-publishing agreement, and completed the production of the Infinite Love Project EP.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming EP “The Infinite Love Project” ?
TASHIA :  The Infinite Love Project was sparked The Infinite Love project which was sparked by a traumatic event where a person was contemplating suicide. I realized that people go through the same issues.  Struggling with abuse, lack of self-love, identity issues, etc.  The project was conceived to reach out to people through love and understanding and to transcend the boundaries that divide us.
To initiate the project, ‘Dreamcatcher’, the very first single will be released on July 7th 2015. This single speaks of a tale of a woman who found retribution and strength within her own soul as the result of a relationship gone downhill. Unlike others in the genre however, the singer is in fact grateful for the experience. The growth she derived from it was a result of the elimination of the darkness within her own self as her path to self discovery led her towards light.
This project is a convergence of people and their emotions and the manner in which we not only love others but also ourselves, an essence which is captured by the introductory single, ‘Dreamcatcher’.
The EP contains 5 songs (available on iTunes on 5/31):  Silent Tears, No Me, Dreamcatcher, Watch Party, Infinite Love.  All of the songs were written by me.  I worked with very talented singers and producers.
infinite love project
Twist Online : Are you inspired from someone in music industry?
TASHIA :  I am inspired by many in the music industry for various reasons.  From Michael Jackson, to Prince, to the Beatles, to Ed Sheeran, to Beyonce, to Tupac, to Erykah Badu.  If I had to choose someone who inpired me, it would be JayZ and P Diddy.  I am not a singer or rapper.  Their business accumen and drive inspires me.  They thought outside of the box and made their own lane and made a huge impact on the masses.  I am making my lane and will strive to make a positve impact.

Twist Online : What is the next target you would like to achieve?
TASHIA :  The next items to achieve are:  to have our songs in a movie (sychonization deal); help an artist to reach the next level in there music career.

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?
TASHIA : The motivation behind my work is that I want to make a difference.  I want to produce quality music and positively influence and inspire others.

Twist Online : How can someone follow you online ?
TASHIA :  Facebook: Resonation Entertainment; Twitter:  NationREG; Instagram:  resonation_entertainment.  People can also sign up to the mailing list to stay connected by going to www.resonationentertainment.  As mentioned, we also have an Android app which is basically a one stop shop for all things Resonation Entertainment Group.

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