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Conversation with two multi-talented artists Kaylyn Aznavorian & Josline

Kaylyn Aznavorian and Josline & The Noir will begin touring mid-June 2017, promoting both current and upcoming solo projects and collaborations. So we took the opportunity and had a conversation with Kaylyn Aznavorian and Josline, the two multi-talented artist about their lives, music, projects and upcoming collaboration tour. Check it out.

Twist Online : First of all please tell us a little about the start of your career?

JOSLINE: Well I started writing and composing my own music at the age of 13, And after several years of writing and practicing my skill, At the age of 16 I finally was brave enough to share my voice with the world. I had created a Soundcloud and began uploading demo’s I recorded off of my phone using the crappy voice recorder app haha! Then a few months later, I was discovered by an EDM Band project “The Beautiful Nothing” who had heard my cover of Paramore’s “We Are Broken”, And asked me to join them and tour with them. I ended up touring with some very well known acts such as “The Millionaires”, “BOTDF”, “Cold Black”, And “Hayley Rose”. After the great response I had received on tour, I decided to go solo afterwards and go back home and begin writing again, and bring these songs I had sitting around to life after all these years. Fast forward to 2016 and I finally put out my debut single “Good For Nothing” Worldwide on all digital stores. And the rest, my friend is history!

KAYLYN: My start is a little different than Josline’s, although like her, I was also heavily involved in the arts growing up. From age 5, you could find me doing just about anything under the art category, whether it was painting pictures, dance lessons, or just about anything in-between. Then, towards the end of high school, aside from art class electives, I began to sway away from the arts because it was pretty much drilled into our minds by teachers, guidance counselors, and college applications that there were so many other things you had to do to get into a good college and ultimately get a good future. What’s funny about that is that mindset literally only lasted until about two weeks before I graduated high school, whenever I got a call and was offered my first crew position on a movie from a resume my mom had dropped off at an audition my sister attended. To tell you the truth, I would honestly have to say that a majority of my career has even happened from being in the right place at the right time, and making an impression on the right people without even knowing who I was talking to, because after that film, things have just kinda taken off for me!

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into entertainment industry?

JOSLINE: I honestly would have to say Amy Lee from “Evanescence”. She really got me through so much at that time in my life, and inspired me to turn my emotions into art. But I think overall the biggest thing is that when I was younger, I didn’t have the greatest home life, And was bullied relentlessly in school. So I needed a healthy way to vent all the anger and pain I was feeling at the time. Music was the only thing that could make me forget my problems and create this world of my own to escape to. I also really want to re-invent what the word “Pop” means, which is simply “Popular music.” I want  to do something that’s never been done before, and bring the underground scene to the spotlight, and inject as much of its culture into mainstream as possible. There’s so many talented, brilliant underground artists who are overlooked!

KAYLYN: Different people in my life have inspired me to get into entertainment, whether it was them seeing something I didn’t in myself, or teaching me skills that I’ve been able to use in my career today, or, from time to time, letting me know that I’ve inspired them, which is honestly a combination of both weird and flattering for me, because I never anticipated that happening. True story: I found a scrapbook I made in fourth grade not all that long ago, and in the blank for a dream career, I’d written “actress/singer” in the blank. I don’t honestly think I’ll ever get rid of that scrapbook now, because the woman who gave it to me- a former babysitter- was someone who always encouraged me (And still does!) to pursue the arts, and I feel like the little girl who wrote that down would want me to still have it. There’s countless other people who I either grew up with or have just been in attendance at my performances who have taken the time to tell me that I am someone who inspires them to go after their dreams, or that I have given them hope or strength with the messages in my music, and to be completely honest with you- that is the stuff that gets me going and keeps me going as an artist, because all I’ve ever really wanted to do with my life is to help people in some capacity, and if getting to do what I love does that, then that’s simply a bonus!

Twist Online : You can surely be labelled as a multi-talented artist. As you have been part of versatile activities and performances. Tell us some of your top ones?

JOSLINE: Well I have been off tour for going on 3 years now, But I would probably have to say my best performance was when I opened  for “BOTDF” Back in 2014. It was my second major show, and this adrenaline rush came over me and I just remember giving it my all, and fans going crazy trying to grab at my heel and yank me off stage, haha! After I got off stage, I had so many of these young girls coming up to me saying I inspired them, and asking for pictures and autographs. That truly was a defining moment for me, and a special one.

KAYLYN: Top performances… What’s funny is every time I’m asked this question my answer changes only because God has put so many insane opportunities in my path that I can’t help but feel thankful for! Most recently though, it would have had to have been this past March in Los Angeles, CA, when I recorded and performed my single, “Set Me Free” for the first time during ArtistMax, because that song I’d been sitting on for about two years, and I unintentionally finished it on the weekend of the four-year anniversary of the funeral of my friend who inspired the song. The moment I realized why I had that gut feeling to do that song, I bawled like a baby to myself, to some of the artists I was working with, and to my vocal coach just minutes before I was supposed to record it, because there is SO much emotion in that song and I wanted to be sure I did my friend justice. I still haven’t figured out how I recorded it in one take without crying like I had up until I got in the booth. And I almost fell apart in my performance that day, but whenever I finished, I had so many people come up and hug me and thank me for telling her story, my story, and telling me how they could relate to it that I realized exactly why I had to finish that song that weekend- to only get started on fulfilling the promise I’d made her before she left, and that was to do what made me happy, despite what anyone else had to say about it, and to truly begin helping people through the arts.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent project ?

JOSLINE: Well last month I put out my self-titled debut EP, and I gotta say I am so proud of it. This Ep is basically the prologue to my debut album “Meet Me At Dawn” Coming early next year. This record touches on the past events on my life, all the pain, anger, and unstable part of my childhood. Throughout the EP, I’m  reflecting on my past, asking myself why did I do that?, Why do I feel this way?, Where do I go from here? Sonically, It’s very Psychedelic-Pop. There’s a lot of atmosphere, and industrial 80’s elements in it. The album will be continuing this theme, but in a more analog, less electronic headspace.

KAYLYN: Lately my project has been putting together my own EP, “Freedom”, which will feature Josline & The Noir on one of the tracks, hence how we managed to come up with the idea to tour together this summer. “Freedom” will tell the story of my life and of several people close to me when it comes to escaping a rough past and finding the light in darkness. Nearly every minute of my free time lately has been spent writing like crazy, and at the end of the month I’ll be taking everything in a studio to record and beginning more of the evaluation process of what will and won’t be going on this EP. It’s going to be a soulful pop/rock piece with some throwback elements here and there, but I’m not going to give any spoilers beyond that- you’ll have to come to a show and hear for yourself what I’m talking about!

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?

JOSLINE: For me personally, I would have to say the studio. I love performing live and interacting with the fans, But in the studio is where it’s the most magical for me. It’s where all these ideas are brought to life, and is the most intimate setting for me.

KAYLYN: Depends on the day. Generally, the recording studio is my happy place, especially with the lights down low, scented candles lit, and my lucky crystal in my pocket (Some people have lucky rabbit’s feet… I have a pet bunny and couldn’t bring myself to consider that as an option so a crystal works for me.), but the positive energy of crowd at a performance can really get me going too, regardless of how large or small that crowd may be.

Twist Online : So what fans will be expecting from the Kaylyn Aznavorian and Josline collaboration tour?

JOSLINE: I would say they can expect a real intimate show, Something with a lot of heart and passion, But also a very good time. We’ll be performing all of our latest material, as well as some of our favorite covers. I don’t want to give too much away, But It will be a great time.

KAYLYN: A night to remember! The two of us play off of one another very well, and I feel like we’ve both got a sound and a story people will enjoy and relate to. But like she said, you’ll have to come see us to find out for yourselves!

Twist Online : What are your expectations from the tour?

JOSLINE: I would say mainly just meeting the fans, getting our music out there, and healing people through the power of music. I hope that before everyone goes home, at least 1 person is inspired to strive for their dreams, or healed in some way. Kaylyn & I both come from dark pasts, and we want to make people feel that they are not alone.

KAYLYN: She pretty much hit the nail on the head. Meeting people and (hopefully!) motivating them to make a change in their lives or the lives of someone else is all I’m anticipating from this tour, to be perfectly honest. Music always has been the best therapy for me, and I know I’m not alone in that, nor am I alone in the topics of my original music. With luck and God’s will, we’ll make a difference in at least one of our listener’s lives, and I feel like that’s really why I’m even in the position I’m in with music in the first place.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as music artist?

JOSLINE: I have so many. We’d be here all day if I listed them all, haha! I’d say the most important goals are that I always want to promote artistic integrity, and dignity throughout my career. I want to be a pioneer for this generation and bring new ideas to the table. It’s been a good while since we’ve had a true “Artist” In the spotlight. I’m not just a musician, but an artist as well. Everything that comes out with my name on it, I am involved with in some way or form. So I really want to see more singer/songwriters who have a perspective in the spotlight, not just vocalists.

KAYLYN: A Grammy by the time I’m thirty! Kidding. But at the same time, I wouldn’t complain if it happened either, so I’m keeping an open mind when it comes to anything as far as earning any sort of a major music award goes. As a musician, my primary goals involve giving back to people. I would love to be able to use music as my platform to help people gain the strength and confidence they need to go chase their dreams, whether it’s to be the best teacher in their state, or a scientist who develops a globally beneficial medical treatment for an “incurable” disease. If that means writing music that tells it like it is- no filter, much like what’s coming in my EP this fall, I am all over it. If it means getting involved with or creating a nonprofit down the road, I’ll do that too. I feel like entertainers have a powerful impact on their listeners, and I want to make sure to highlight what’s truly important in the world if the spotlight is on me.

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