Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan A Highly Talented Music Artist

It was an interesting conversation with Danielle Morgan a brilliant musician and a highly skilled song writer. We are sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online: Firstly, tell us a little about the start of your music career.

Danielle Morgan: I first started music through acting and drama. This led me to musical theater and then to singing ultimately. Dramatic performances taught me how to find emotions and to explore myself and my feelings outside my usual comfort zone. If I could have danced as well as I sang, I would have taken a different path and pursued musical theater. Now though, I am lucky to be able to draw on all these influences when writing and performing.

Twist Online: What do you like most? Songwriting or singing?

Danielle Morgan: That’s easy – I much prefer songwriting. This gives me complete flexibility and there are no deadlines. Looking back, this is why I started songwriting, so I could write to suit my vocal and pen melodies that I wanted to sing. I am not a typical vocalist, I love performing live with the band and interacting with them and the audience, and creating something special on stage. But that’s not about the singer, it’s about bringing all those elements together and working as a team.

Twist Online: Is there someone who inspires you?

Danielle Morgan: I have always been inspired by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. He is a legend, he plays piano and he has worked with the best orchestras and vocalists in the world. He has brought some of the best productions to the stage. But I guess I would say that as my first love has always been musical theater.

Twist Online: Do you work according to plans to achieve your goals?

Danielle Morgan: No, no plans. I must be the most disorganized songwriter in the world. I just write when I am inspired and that’s normally at the most unsociable times.

Twist Online: What’s your favorite song of your own so far?

Danielle Morgan: I’ve written over 50 songs, all of them with different inspiration and emotions, so it’s really hard to pick one. In terms of performing live, I really like “Rhythm of the Rain” because it has all the elements and it’s like greeting an old friend. Another favorite is “Camden Town” because it challenges me musically on every level…….. it stresses me and my drummer out big time (ha, ha)

Twist Online: What is favorite genre of music to perform?

Danielle Morgan: It’s got to be Motown. This period of music is so full of energy and drive and connects me to musical theater and musicals such as Hairspray and Dreamgirls (in which Jennifer Hudson was amazing).

Twist Online: What is the motivation behind your work?

Danielle Morgan: Everyone has their own battles to fight, and music helps people from any background to find an equal and accessible playing field to be inspired, or to escape, or to find a path forward for them as an individual. I hope my music and the themes I sing about can be part of that to give people the courage to make life changes if that’s what they need.

Twist Online: What project you are working on currently? When it will be released?

Danielle Morgan: Currently, we are almost ready to release my debut single in July: “No Trace of You”, recorded earlier this year at Abbey Road studios. I am really excited about that and hope it will get great airplay on the radio. Also, we are planning live gigs in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin over the summer. It’s going to be very busy. Can’t wait!

You can follow updates about her latest releases on Soundcloud or Reverbnation



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