Magma Bros

Darth Side by Magma Bros will Make You Dance

Magma Bros recently released a new single Darth Side. The music engages you right from its first beat. A track that will make you dance no matter in what kind of mood you are. Last year I was impressed by their track “Night Life” and this year they have come up with even more powerful and inspiring song.

It seems the music is meant for dance floor in particular as you will feel your feet moving automatically along with beats of the song. But yesterday I played it while driving on a highway and I felt rocking. With each rising beat speed rising too.

If you are not much familiar with the Magma Bros. Magma Brothers is an electronic music duo consisting of Felix Guerra Jr. (FLIXXER) and Xavier Garrido (Shakezilla). They are both from Rio Grande City, Texas. I have been following them since last year. The way they are improving their music with each new release, I am sure in near future Magma Bros will be on top of the charts.

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