Amerikas Addiction

David Kelly, Joshua Scarver and their Amerikas Addiction

Today for our interview section we have David Kelly (DK) and Joshua Scarver (JS) from Amerikas Addiction. Lets have a chat with them.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
DK: For me it was in High School.. I’ve always been a writer. Whether it’d be short fictional stories or poetry. Once I met Josh and my pops put me in the studio it got real from there. I stared taking it serious.
JS: My professional career began many years ago when I was given my first drum machine to produce beats by my now deceased brother. He taught me how to make hip-hop beats and I naturally began the producer journey of creating day and night and eventually buying my own MPC. Being a child and student of the hip-hop culture I naturally wanted to start my own ‘label’ of dope artists and a cool name brand and of course be my own boss like my idols Russel Simmons, Master P, Sean Combs, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Tony Draper, J Prince and all the other titans of Hip-Hop.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to start Amerikas Addiction?
DK: Initially I was in a group called the black house gang prior to and josh was the producer it was about 5 of us.. we ended up breaking up but me and josh continued to make music but the music me and josh were making wasn’t like our old stuff. Subject matter and sound was different.. we focused on what America is addicted to.. drugs, sex, music etc.. hence the name Amerikas Addiction.
JS: I was inspired to start Amerikas Addiction when I heard a song called “Crack Music” by Kanye West, The Game and featured poetry from Malik Yusef. There was a moment of poetry towards the end of the song by Malik and I remember him making a remark about black culture or more specifically “This dark diction has become Americas Addiction, those who aint even black use it” – when I heard that, I identified totally with it and realized that everything we as a black culture create is replicated, made mainstream and sold for profit. In addition to that aspect, Amerika has many addictions – drug addiction, sex addiction, vanity addiction, violence addiction, denial addiction and much more. These are the things that America tries to hide, but its also is biggest export, the religion of Americanism (shout out to Blue and Red Pill)

Twist Online : Tell us about your recently released EP  ” The Prelude To.. ”?
DK: The Prelude To … it’s very special to me.. it’s a ride.. it’s a trip.. bunch of emotions.. bunch of different vibes and feels.. I wanted to give the people something that didn’t sound like everything else but also wasn’t too far left. Also got the chance to work with a bunch of talented producers in the process Bobby Kritical who is K-Camps in house producer and J.R. Donato from Taylor Gang is on there. My boy Rob Hicks and Genesis from my state.. solid body of work..
JS: Its a culmination of David’s thoughts and creativity mixed in with other artists that we respect and admire. My favorite aspect of the project are the different beat makers/producers that we got the opportunity to work with. I am very pleased with how we were able to execute the project. It touches on almost every level of emotion that any person can relate to. From love, to sex, to drama, to inspiration and doing what you desire no matter the consequences.

Twist Online : What kind of response it has received so far?
DK: So far the girls are eating it up most.. guys have been just following suit ha.. we’ve gotten about 50 plus videos from girls just vibing to songs from the project.. we’ve posted a few on our instagram and what not. So far so good! The DJ version which was mixed by my boy DJ 23 of the Drumsquad DJs has been streamed over 20k times via 24K mixtapes since it’s release so I’d say damn good!!!
JS: It has gotten a great response, especially from the female audience. We have satisfied our fan bases desires and have been tapping into a new audience as well. The women have liked it so much that they have been submitting videos of themselves singing our songs while on Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook. There is nothing better than having people take the time to support your art, I am extremely blessed and happy about it!

Twist Online : What do you enjoy more performing on stage or working in studios?
DK: Damn that’s a tough question. Studio is like my sanctuary.. it’s where I find my peace.. if I could just lock in all day and night I would.. I wouldn’t shower or anything.. lmao kidding but yeah I’d have to say studio.. stage is nice but I love the studio.. vibes.. it’s hard to choose.. can I say both? Ha
JS: I am an equal fan of both honestly. I love creating in the studio. To me, we are at our most in tune with the spirits or in tune with God when we are creating. That is creation at its finest. To take a feeling or a thought and turn it into something tangible for others to embrace and experience. To me that is beyond amazing. As far as performing, that is always an outer body experience. Its the opportunity to share your life in real time, in person with a crowd of people. You get to see and most importantly feel your audience and vibe off of their energy and vice versa. I love to feel positive and fun energy from a crowd, its a power and feeling that cannot be described, you have to feel it yourself to understand!

Twist Online : Apart from music what are your other activities?
DK: Basketball, adult films (kidding) kinda Acting (Empire)
Reading.. I like to read.. self education is the best kind of knowledge. The brain is so powerful…
JS : I am a brand consultant, a brand owner (#DoWhatYouDesire), a writer, a model, a actor (Empire and commercials) and also a charitable events creator/philanthropist. My last charity effort was done for abused and neglected children in Milwaukee with my fiancée Bekah. We organized over 15 businesses and organizations to help us collect 1800 toys and books to donate to The Child Advocacy Center in Milwaukee which works with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to help provide mental and physical care for abused children.


Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as Amerikas Addiction?
DK: Ton of goals.. I think the main goal is inspiring everyone and touching the lives of people all across the world musically and giving those positive vibes at a time where shit is just crazy.. so much negativity and hostility. Shit is mad corny..
JS: To live life to the fullest and inspire a billion to people to NOT BE AFRAID and LIVE THE #DOWHATYOUDESIRE LIFE!

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
DK: Yes! April we will be releasing another EP with Wiz Khalifas Grammy nominated producer RMB JUSTIZE! That shit is going to be crazy!!
JS: Yes, we are always working! We have 4 new unreleased projects that are either fully done or 90% finished that we cannot wait to share with our fans and supporters and to spread to new listeners and inspire them to live the #DOWHATYOUDESIRE life.

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