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Dejhare urges people to stay positive and ‘Do What You Gotta Do’

2020 will be remembered for pandemic, lockdowns, and the drastic changes in our lifestyle due to COVID-19. The year2020 also appears to be one of the saddest years of this century when negativity and sadness have taken over. Despite all the challenges that have come along with the pandemic, there are still people who live positively and urging others to do the same, and one of those we are talking about here is one of the favorite artists of our magazine followers, Dejhare.

The singer-songwriter Dejhare has never ceased to dream and always does her best to stay unbreakable. She hopes and wishes for a better world. She wants everyone to stay positive and hope for the best. Don’t let yourself down and “Do What You Gotta Do”. Yes, that’s the title of the latest track by Dejhare.

Now coming to the track. It’s is a good song to listen to whenever you feel down or when you feel like you want some motivations, to take some time off from this restricted and tiring routine during the pandemic by listening to something refreshing. I believe that you won’t regret if you give it a try. You will surely feel good.

The music is soothing and puts you in a good mood. The catchy beats make you want to give it another listen. The track is somewhat dynamic, yet relaxing. Lyrics are extremely positive and encouraging. Vocals have done the full justice with the lyrics. Overall it’s a fun listening to the track.

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