Demetruest talks about his love for music and upcoming Album ‘Redirected’

Today on our Hot Seat we have Demetruest, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Chicago, IL. He has been singing since the age of seven. He is working on an Album set for release in early 2017. We will have a chat with him about his life, music and the upcoming Album in particular.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Demetruest : Hey everybody! My name is Demetruest derived from my first name Demetruis which is commonly pronounced Deme-TREE-us. My name was actually misspelled since birth, but my 7th grade teacher made me recognize the importance of a name and I have embraced my misspelled name ever since. I speak from truth. I aim to inspire.

Twist Online : You have been singing since childhood. what inspired you to get into music?
Demetruest : The very first memory I have of singing is at my mother’s home church Mt. Caramel in Chicago, IL. I remember sitting on the benches listening to the church choir sing and how all the voices fit together so perfectly. I was pretty sure that heaven must sound the same. I’ve been eager to sing since that moment. Eager to learn, eager to work.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming Album?
Demetruest : My upcoming album is entitled Redirected! Redirected is a phrase that anyone from my alma mater at Millikin University know all too well. As a musical theatre major, you were required to display a high amount of skill in a short amount of time or face redirection to a more suitable major that the faculty saw fit. After my first semester of sophomore year, I was redirected for “missing something.” The faculty missed my passion for music across all the other disciplines. This album highlights that time in my life for a brief moment, but further outlines my experiences in love, loss, and sexuality. Love because throughout all of my short comings my love will never fade for the all the people, good or bad, that have come into my life to teach me something about myself. Loss because it is impossible to heal without processing your past. Finally sexuality, because from this topic stems years or of hate, resentment, confusion, doom, awkwardness…but also happiness, and acceptance like I’ve never known before.

Twist Online : Have you written all songs of this album yourself?
Demetruest : I of course have people on my team who I run ideas by, but every song on this album is completely written by yours truly. Artistic freedom is really cool regardless of what anyone else will tell you, especially when it comes to sharing your own story.

Twist Online : How much effect proper education and training in music has made in developing your music skills?
Demetruest : Education and training have played huge parts in the type of artist that I am today. I had the opportunity to attend a lot of art schools which allowed me to open my mind to other people and parts of the world. I’m a city boy with world wide aspirations like inspiring others to go for their dreams through my music, bringing people together regardless of physical and political differences. Not to mention not only further educating the LGBTQ on health issues, but anyone who sees the importance of health care. I wouldn’t know I wanted any of these things without the time to focus and grow in my education.

Twist Online : Are you influenced by any particular music genre?
Demetruest : I am influenced by all music. How could I not be? We live in a time and age where music is all around us. We’re spoiled in my eyes. But if I had to get a little more specific I would have to say anything that ties in soul with a strong message. I love love love Ben Harper, Musiq Soul Child, India Arie, Bibi Bourelly, Lianne La Havas, Luther Vandross, Anderson .Paak, I could go on…

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
Demetruest : I want to ignite that child-like fire in people. Remind them of them of that dream deferred. I want to be that constant reminder that it is never too late to go for what you want. In fact, it is your duty to share your light and gifts with the rest of the world. Like I always say, all love all the time. Hard to fail with love on your side.

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