Denny Strickland

Denny Strickland excites us with a unique twist on the story of Harley Quinn

Denny Strickland is back with a bang as his latest rack, Harley Quinn, is all ready to launch on Friday 25th October.

Denny got the inspiration for this feel-good song from a 2016 movie Suicide Squad that was based on the DC Comics. Denny says that he was watching Suicide Squad, and he loved the energetic performance of Margot Robbie as he contemplated her smoking and drinking in the pub looking like a wild bitch, and that’s when the lyrics of this banging song came to his mind. Clearly, Margot Robbie is the inspiration behind this song. Though, the lyrics for the other part of the song just kept coming to him as if it was meant to be. Also, he has used references of Louis Vuitton, Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat), Lamborghini, and his most-liked Mustang Fox Body 5-0 in Harley Quinn.

This amusing song is totally the classic amalgam of genres but in some ways, it makes us feel nostalgic about Die Antwood and Lil Nas simultaneously. The singer, who happens to be the songwriter of this song owns a conventional country style, yet it calls into the question to the eccentric, West Coast context of his inventive music.

Strickland has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Artists to Watch” by Rolling Stone, which has made him stood in the spotlight due to his bold and way-out methods of converging the musical lyrics. His freshest single, “Don’t You Wanna”, in which Juicy J is featured is influenced by R&B. The song is an excellent illustration of the technique he uses since he likes to play with music to exceed its limits.

Strickland, without any doubt, has become famous for flawlessly taking pieces from an assortment of distinct genres and then, coming up with something unusual that is never heard or enjoyed before. He, being the resident of Nashville, has issued his very first California Dreamin’ LP in August of 2018. Strickland has got a rare talent for generating the best crowd-pleasing songs and he never hides his magnetism for every individual from Lana Del Rey to Timbaland on anthems that delivers the heaviest pop and rock along with electric attractions.

Amazingly, Strickland rules the matchless blend of twisting classic customs with groundbreaking novel systems and longing for sincerity. His originality to himself along with the enthusiasm to fill the artistic gaps are never going to deviate, regardless of where time takes him.

Don’t forget to tune in on all streaming media on Friday 25th October to get a load of Harley Quinn.

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