DJ Duo COPAMORE and Mikey Shyne talks about their recent release

We are sharing our recent interview with DJ COPAMORE and NYC Urban-Pop Vocalist Mikey Shyne, who has recently released “Where All The Lovers Go”

Copamore and Mikey Shyne met online one year ago and soon released their chart topping #3 hit “Across The Line”. Now, the just released “Where All The Lovers Go” is number 10 on the Electronic Charts and they are currently working on three new projects.


Twist Online​ : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Copamore:​ At the end of the nineties we started small with doing a few gigs as electronic music
artists in our local area and luckily got some airplay on Austrian radios. In 2000 our first release
by a major record label, Universal Austria with the project ‘Serum’ which sold thousands of
records and charted high in the Austrian sales charts.
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​After a horrible and sudden breakup with an ex girlfriend set me into a deep, dark
depression that kept me hidden in bed in my parents basement 5 years ago, I felt I was left with
nothing left to live for. I had made several half-hearted attempts to revitalize my childhood love
for music and performing but living with depression, anxiety and self consciousness hindered
me from ever really giving it a shot. One day after months of self loathing over this breakup,
something snapped inside. I decided out of desperation to write my pain in Black and White.
What I was left with after weeks of non stop writing were notebooks full of songs, one of them,
“Set Me Free” was my debut single and it lit the charge for them explosion of my introduction to
the music world. I kept doing shows, winning showcases one after another, now five years later
I’m on a global scale. I also professionally engineer at a recording studio, ghost write and get
paid to session sing.

Twist Online​ : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Copamore:​ We were inspired by the synthpop of the 80’s like Kraftwerk, Depeche mode, also
by the Big Beat artists of the 90’s like Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​I’ve had a deep love for music since an early age. I used to perform for family,
neighbors and friends and I loved the feeling of being able to emotionally move people with my
talents. I’m a performance junkie! Never had stage fright once.

Twist Online​ : Tell us about your recent release “Where All The Lovers Go”?
Copamore:​ We composed this song way back in the summer 2015. It’s a song about the
beauty of love and how fragile it can be. The track contains elements of Pop and Future Bass.
We think that this is a perfect combination that both sounds amazing and is also marketable.
We worked together again with Mikey Shyne, who also provided the vocals for our very
successful track ‘Across The Line’, which was released by Stardome Recordings, a label out of
Vienna. The video did very well, it peaked at #3 on iTunes and went viral on Spotify! Mikeys
emotional interpretation of the new song with his sweet, yet powerful pop voice proved the
validity of the meaning: never change a winning team!
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​To be quiet honest when I heard their demo I thought it was a lovely song but not
really a hit worthy one. But Mike and Tom are just geniuses and compose​ ​beautiful​ ​music!
Their mixes are so unique yet very relevant in today’s mainstream market. Never thought that
the lead Future Bass mix and all of the remixes would sound so good.

Twist Online​ : What kind of response you have received from the release?

Copamore:​ The people really love the positive feelings associated with the track, we got superb
feedback from the DJ’s as well as the fans. I think it has lit a spark in them. The track has
climbed up high in the DJ and sales charts.
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​Where in the top ten of every electronic chart so hey, people are digging it! And
the music video, written and directed by the amazing Georgia Warner which we shot in Central
Park is just stunning!!

Twist Online​ : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Copamore:​ We like both. I think it is a continuum, a creative process. Initial vision and creative
ideas manifest into something pleasant during and after production!
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​Both are fun and I just get obsessed any time I’m working on something music
based… But actually performing your finished product and making that emotional connection
with fans in the crowd is addicting.

Twist Online​ : What’s your favorite music genre?
Copamore:​ We love lots of music genres and are influenced by almost everything. Copamore
stands to create relaxed but also energetic music. We’re a mixture of (Deep) House, Future
Bass and also Pop and Soul!
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​I listen to and am influenced by everything. I’m still developing and evolving ‘my
sound’ but I definitely want to create good, relevant mainstream music in a genre of my own.

Twist Online​: Have you set some target to achieve as a music artist?
Copamore:​ ​ Our main goal is that our tracks are heard and liked by as of an audience as
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​Reaching the masses and being able to provide for my beautiful fiance Amanda
and my daughter Scarlett. I don’t really think I’m aiming for superstardom, most (NOT ALL)
artists reach a certain point and the money and super-fame definitely hinders their creativity and
compromises their character. I strive for consistency and staying true to myself.

Twist Online​ : Are you currently working on any other projects together?
Copamore​: Yes! There are some new interesting projects currently in production. There will be
a cover version of a track composed by us in the 90’s that will be released in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned!
Mikey​ ​Shyne:​ ​Yes! But my lips are sealed… Stay tuned!

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