DPIH impresses with latest release ‘Thankful 4 27’

Have you checked out ‘Thankful 4 27’ ? If you haven’t you must. Its a beautiful track by Derek Portea who goes by the name ‘DPIH’. When asked about the the track he told that “Thankful 4 27,” is inspired by growing older and wiser. He wrote the song before his 27th birthday telling to himself that although 2016 had a handful of shitty things that happened, it’s always best to stay hopeful for the future and grateful for the things that you have.

Although he turned 27 in August of 2016, but he decided to wait until the new year to release the song. As he wanted to ring in the new year with an outlook of hope and positivity despite all the tribulations we all are facing. Peace, love, and positive vibes is the motto for my 2017.

So when you create something with such an inspiration and postive mindset, the outcome gets superb. And the song is excellent one as well.


Produced by: @allanxaesthetics
Video directed by: @eugenehl (eugenehl.com)

For further updates you can follow DPIH on following social media handles.
facebook: facebook.com/dpihmusic
instagram: @dpih_
twitter: @derekportea
soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dpihmusic

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