Rebecca & Fiona

Drugstore Lovin’ by Rebecca & Fiona – A Fabulous Single

Staking and retaining their place at the top of the dance/pop game this month is Rebecca & Fiona, the Scandinavian duo that seem to hit milestones with everything they create. Along with finding time to win 2 Swedish Grammys, rack up millions of online streams and play at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals, they have just got back into the studio to create their new release ‘Drugstore Lovin’.
This single sees a further development of the girls’ style, keeping things infectious and playful whilst making sure that sashaying beat is still enough to command a dancefloor. With shimmering melodies that instantly hook you in, those super sweet vocals ride on top of this softly bubbling house rhythm – a delicious combination of sounds.

‘Drugstore Lovin’ is undoubtedly going to continue driving Rebecca & Fiona’s unique and sought after electronic flair further and further into the spotlight as 2016 hits its peak.

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