Elina Laivera impresses with her debut album “Alchemy”

Up and coming artist Elina Laivera has recently released her debut Album “Alchemy”. In recent past we have been very selective about the albums we are reviewing. And this album not only fulfilled our criteria but also proved to be impressive and heart touching. So we have decided to review this album for our readers.

But first of all let’s know a little more about the artist. Elina Laivera has emerged from the shores of the Mediterranean to bring fans her debut solo album, “Alchemy“. She is one of those artists who put their feelings, experiences and inspirations. That’s why her music is heart touching and one can easily feel the pain.

Now coming back to the album. This album is a powerful pack one can listen after breakup. As it’s actually the story of artist’s breakup and how she went through different phases after breakup. It will surely give you courage, lighter feelings and a new life once you will go through this album.


Even though all the tracks are nicely woven around each other and you can’t skip even a single one but the one that impressed us the most is “I didn’t die”. This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases. ‘I didn’t die’ is not only the realization of the reality of the life after breakup but also proves to be a notice to the Ex. lover that loo see now , I am still living, I didn’t die without you.

Overall the album is nicely done. Vocals and lyrics are exceptional throughout the album. Instrumentally, the album has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal tracks perfectly.
The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the album is distinctive and original, and I think it has strong commercial potential.

“Alchemy” is out now on all streaming platforms. Go to Elina Laivera’s website for news, updates and hard copies of her album.

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