Emusi App – A Fun Way To Express Yourself To Your Contact

Smartphones have made our life easier and more interesting. Their was a time when conveying a message of greetings was a tough ask. But its not anymore. Particularly with the help of apps like ‘Emusi”.  This app was launched in autumn 2016. Created by critically acclaimed composer- lyricist Lynn Portas. Its a fun way to express yourself to your contact with its own unique recording by Lynn Portas.

Emusi is a music messaging app which features over 800 short songs which can be sent via text, email, Facebook or twitter. Emusi App allows the users texts to be like a modern day singing telegram by text song, the app sings the text receiver “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations!” and “I’m on my way!”. Means you can greet your friends and loved ones in a melodious style. There are wide range of messages available in the app related to special occasions, personal relationships, emotions, and much more.

The app Emusi is available under categories such as Celebration, Love, Advice, Pets & Animals, Work, and Relationships, to name just a few, the ever-growing number of compositions spans from humorous and entertaining to serious, informative and, at times, even risqué. Each of the Emusi songs are original 15-to-30-second long songs may be instantly shared as an audio-linked text, email, Facebook or Twitter message. As we mentioned earlier all the songs are written and recorded by Lynn Portas (musical director of the off-Broadway smash hit “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.”).

App is pretty simple to use. Songs and topics are easily searchable by category, title or keywords, a free version of the app may be installed, offering availability to more than 1,000 titles. Full access to the Emusi App’s continually expanding list of songs may be purchased for a modest onetime fee of 99 cents.

The Emusi App, available in both Apple and Android versions, you can download it from emusiapp.com


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