Erwin Bauwens talks about ‘Tania’ and his recent award

We have talented artist Erwin Bauwens with us for one more time. He recently won 10th award within short span of time. So we would like to ask him about his latest single ‘Tania’ and how he feels about his success.

Twist Online : Hi, Nice to have you again with us. Our readers enjoyed your previous interviews with us.
Erwin Bauwens : Nice to be here again and hello to the readers I hope you follow me in this one.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent single ”Tania’ ?
Erwin Bauwens : I write it for baby’s this would say this baby’s are waiting for new parents in
so I wrote this and made a video clip and now I am hoping for 1.000.000 views atleast.
The income of the video of Tania goes to donation to this centra to help this baby’s get a nice stay in this centra till they find a new parent so with the audions i try to make this happens

Twist Online : Who wrote the lyrics of your song?
Erwin Bauwens : I find laura web on the internet so I lent her voice and using her.

Twist Online : How was the overall response to the track?
Erwin Bauwens : Very good ! I won a spotlight place in the akademia music awards

Twist Online : Your single won for you yet another Akademia Award. Its seems to become a habit. you must be very pleased ?
Erwin Bauwens : Yeah of cours very time its an honor!

Twist Online : It was your 10th award. What’s the best award you have won so far?
Erwin Bauwens : Award for ‘Tania’ is surely my best award so far.

Twist Online : What’s your next target to achieve?
Erwin Bauwens : Trying to have 1.000.000 views for tania video, to donate this income of advertising to the unit mam’s baby

Twist Online : Are you Working on any projects?
Erwin Bauwens :NO for the moment I am searching for new melodies.

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