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Exodus Swift Talks About His Music And Life

We recently had conversation with Exodus swift about his music career and albums he released till date.

Twist Online : First of we would like to now how you started your music career?
Exodus Swift : I started when I was 14. I was rapping and writing a lot of poetry. And I started writing songs and making beats. And it really just progressed from there.

Twist Online : Tell us something about your recent album?
Exodus Swift : Sinetics is a more serious album. It’s a album that’s really designed to make you think. Most of my albums was for the streets from a point of view of the church. Sinetics is for the church from the point of view of other Christians. We often disagree on where we should be with our faith and how we should be in our walk. So this pretty much Exodus Swifts it from ‘Nightmare’ to ‘Arsonist’. It’s not like any other music that’s out now.

Twist Online : You have 7 Albums on your credit so far. Which one you will rate your best?
Exodus Swift : I don’t know really. Resurrection was my breakout album. And at that time I was dealing with a lot of personal issues and basically trying to find myself in this world. But Untamed also has more streams than Resurrection. So by public opinion it would be Untamed. But with me I don’t know for sure yet, but I lean more towards Resurrection on being my best so far.

Twist Online : Everyone has an ideal. Are you inspired from anyone?
Exodus Swift : The only inspiration I have comes from Jesus and God. I don’t look at other people for inspiration.

Twist Online : Do you set goals for yourself to achieve?
Exodus Swift : Absolutely, every month I actually write out short term goals for that month and occasionally I’ll write out long term goals for me and my business.

Twist Online : what music genre you follow in your music?
Exodus Swift : Well I only listen to gospel / Christian music. But I do know a lot of artist from my home town that’s made it. I don’t really listen to their music but sometimes we talk about bars and verses. What they said on a track and what I said on a track. But besides talking about other music genres. I don’t listen to anything that have no meaning. Dope, sex, guns, and murder, really have no meaning t o me. We have a chance as musicians to be the change we wish to see. We have a voice that people will hear. So if our music is meaningless than our voice is meaningless.

Twist Online : What is your main focus in song’s creation ? Lyrics, composition or singing itself?
Exodus Swift : all of the above. I can’t separate any important factor out and make that my main focus. When all of the factors fit together to make the song. If you focus on one the others will lack in a certain area. So I focus really on the entire formation of the record.

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?
Exodus Swift : I’m just trying save young kids from being gunned down, stop fathers from leaving families, save addicts from addiction, now I could say all that. But I can’t do all that . I can only give my fans truth. My motivation is bringing people to the foundation of truth. I have to make every breath I take count for something not just in music but in my personal life as well.

Twist Online : What’s your next release and when it will be available for us?
Exodus Swift : I just released a new song ‘Matthew 9:11’ on soundcloud. That’s free for all to have. But I’m working on the rest of the ‘Untamed’ album and the rest of the ‘Sinetics’ album. We are going to release the finished full albums at the same time. I m doing a remix for ‘Nightmare’ with someone who you would not expect me to work with. That’s coming soon, we were scheduled to do it this week, but this guy is busy and I understand his schedule. So we have to come together and figure out how we are going to make this happen. My shoreline is available at my website. We working on more shoes and clothes. My wife’s shoreline ‘Josiel Rei’ is available now. I’m also putting the finishing touches on some other things that’s coming soon. I’m working man. I’m building my brand. When you own you’re own label you have to put in work.

Twist Online : How can people find you and follow you online?
Exodus Swift : I’m on Twitter @RealExodusSwift , I’m on Instagram @ExodusSwift , I’m on Facebook @OfficialExodusSwift and for all updates ExodusSwift.com , that’s the simple way. Unless you just want to google search me. That’s about 10 maybe 14 pages long. Just find me out on FB, Instagram, twitter, or my website.

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