Eyeslow Jones talks about his life and music career

Today on our Hot Seat we have Eyeslow Jones. Lets have a chat.

Twist Online : First tell us about your early life and start of your music career briefly.
Eyeslow Jones : I would say that my early life has had a lot of obstacles. from dropping out of college, being homeless, to serving 6 months in a South Korean prison. I have learned a lot from my past and learned to mix it with the present. I guess life really does go on you just have to learn to keep ya head up and stay focused on the Goal.

Twist Online : So many shifting and a very hard past life, has it any effect on your Rapping ?
Eyeslow Jones : Yes it has. moving around a lot from North Dakota, England, Mississippi, Iowa, Chicago, Missouri, South Korea and Illinois has really changed me as an artist. the struggles and relocations made me what I am today and I think that a lot of that reflects in my music.

Twist Online : How is your experience with RedEye Productions?
Eyeslow Jones : Redeye Productions has to be the best thing that I have gotten out of my musical experience so far. it has introduced me to alot of unique friends that eventually turned into family. I’m all about loyalty and redeye productions has a great strong core. shout out to Ill will the jason, my producer Gnag Natas, My Day one Rollin O, My scorpio Lil Whip it and my Bro Kelly Fresh lol what up lil bros big bros.

Twist Online : You will be releasing Mix-tape entitled eleven nineteen soon. Tell us about it.
Eyeslow Jones : Yes I have recently finished my mix-tape entitled eleven nineteen. Eleven nineteen has superior production from Grammy nominated producer purps of 808 mafia as well as production from Chicago producer polo boy shawty and Redeye productions very own super producer 19 going on 20 yr Gnag Natas aka steve jordan. i work very hard on the tape so I hope the fans enjoy it. No release date is scheduled yet but be on the lookout. Itunes, spotify, spinrilla, livemixtapes and mymixtapes coming soon

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in music industry?
Eyeslow Jones : Yes my favorite rapper is Gucci Mane. he inspires me to never give up when facing adversity. I would love to sign with Bricksquad! I was also inspired by wiz khalifa, lil b, mac miller, j cole, chief keef & La Capone

Twist Online : Why you chose to be rapper? any particular reason?
Eyeslow Jones : I picked this career because I have always been good with words growing up and i love expressing myself through music. I love music so much that I wanted to become apart of the legacy so to speak.

Twist Online : Do you write you own songs?
Eyeslow Jones : Of course no ghostwriters over her 🙂 . I do write my own.

Twist Online : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?
Eyeslow Jones : My goal in life is to build up a voice large enough to be able to open up doors for other indie artists, i would  love to open up studios for reasonable prices in urban areas as well as parks in urban communities. I wanna be able to tell my story

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Eyeslow Jones : Yes I am.
Twitter @eyeslow69
instagram; eyeslowjones
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/eyeslowjones
website: www.redeyefamily.com
Snapchat: eyeslowthagod

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