Finally an interview with Rapper ‘Shah’

Despite being listed as one of the top 10 rappers of 2017 among other impressive accolades, Shah has declined all interviews for the past few months. His live performances have also been private events, very secret in nature, with details only being released to his fanbase. However, he recently held a Q&A with his fans on Instagram Live and we’ve captured some of the questions here:

What up, is it true that you’re going to be performing at SXSW?
Yeah we’re finally opening up to the world during SXSW, but we’ll be rolling in the same style that we have been. So the details of the show won’t be released until the day of. And my existing fans will get the info in advance so y’all be the first to know.

Hey what’s up fam, I’ve heard Just Text bumpin at Pin Ups and Magic City, when are you going to release that joint?
Y’all know it’s more fun when we don’t announce things ahead of time and just drop it on y’all.

Hey Shah I’m also in ATL, how do you feel about all the comparisons to Future?
I think any rapper that gets compared to Future, especially in Atl, has to enjoy that comparison. I think people make the comparison more based on our come up than our style, our come ups being similar more than our styles, but regardless but Future is an artist that I bump myself.

It seems like there’s a new wave of J Cole fans that are getting behind now, do you have a collabo coming up or something?
I’ve actually never met J Cole in person but I know a lot of J Cole fans have discovered me after hearing Rookie Card. Those new fans have been really supportive and it’s been a vibe.

Why don’t you do more interview and more press? Wouldn’t it be good for more exposure?
(laughter) My team asks me this every day, but right now I’m completely happy letting the music speak for itself and just not getting sidetracked. There’s only so many hours in the day and with a small team music is my priority.

I’ve seen the stories [Instagram Stories] of the music videos you shot a couple weeks ago, when are you going to release those?
First of all, nothing but love for all y’all for being patient with this. As soon as South By is over, we’ll start releasing these. We’ve put in the work so now the music can blast off, but doing it as an independent artist still requires a lot of planning. Just so y’all know there’s a reason we’re holding onto these songs.

Who do you wanna work with, both living and passed away? 

Tupac, no doubt. Dead or alive, Tupac would be who I’d want to collab with. I could go on forever for current artists, but off the top I’d say Kendrick, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, AZ, and YFN Lucci.

You can follow him on Instagram @DayofShah and Spotify here:

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