Find some exciting colorful projects on SONIC JOY Records

Being a music blog owner and music loving person I am always looking for some unique and colorful music stuff. And during my recent search I came across Sonic joy Records.

SONIC JOY Records is a new modern record label by producer John Meisel. They operate globally and are releasing colorful projects featuring John’s music & world class vocalists!

If you are a fan of various electronic music styles (e.g. DANCE, EDM, TRANCE, DUBSTEP, TROPICAL HOUSE) and love world-class vocals, then surf on their website and check out one of their colorful projects:

But beware SONIC JOY Records does not accept unsolicited demos! However, if you are a vocalist you can apply for being featured with a song or in a project of John Meisel. Send them a streaming link of your vocals, together with some information about you and they will surely reply you back.

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