Flaviyake’s debut album “Bad in Bed”

Flaviyake is Pop artist, songwriter and producer known for reinventing herself in music videos. Originally she is from Moldova, has given a lot of live shows in London, where she also played on BBC6 Music Radio, writing songs for artists in Russia and now based in Los Angeles. Although “Bad in Bed” is her debut album but she already has 10 singles and an acoustic EP on her credit. She is a big supporter of giving freedom to women to express her feelings anyway she wants to.

So she has actually used this album to raise her voice for the women’s feelings. Album consists of seven tracks in total. Flaviyake produced the complete album herself. So it was not only her debut as pop artist but also as a producer.


One thing we noticed in the album, all the songs in the album seems to be interconnected. If you start listening from the first track to the very end of the album it seems the first three songs are making base of the main message Flaviyake want to express through the album. These are about those feelings and fantasies of women which are hard to confess particularly the submissive feelings. We would say lyrics are exceptionally done throughout the album. And vocals has done the full justice with the lyrics. Perfectly sung, can’t ask for better than that. The title track “Bad in bed” points out the most sensitive issue of our society that’s been ignored on woman’s part. The beast in a man that makes a woman feel submissive. A kind of BDSM we can say. Flaviyake handled the issue superbly.

So overall the album is perfectly woven around the topic of love, relationships, woman’s feelings in the different scenarios including in bed and what’s holding her from expressing her feelings  the way she want to. Although its hard to pick just one song from the album but we would surely go with the track “Alive”. We started listening right from the track one and everything was on track (talking about the theme of the album) and all of a sudden this track brought something different in it. The song sounds like a love story and broken relationship yet there is an element of the feelings, the hidden feelings in it.

Concluding the topic overall its a nice effort that’s been successfully done. The singer has a dynamic and inspiring voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The tracks are simply done and not overly complex. The chorus is impressive throughout the album. The album definitely is professional and creative. We find it extremely good and the Flaviyake surely has talent. The music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well by her. Overall its a fun listening to this album and we will definitely recommend this album to our readers.

Even though we have put the soundcloud above but in case if anyone want to download you can have it on Spotify or you can listen it on YouTube as well.


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