Hailing from New Jersey and raised at the Jersey Shore, singer / songwriter Jonathan Vecci is ‘Fleetwalker’. A multi-instrumentalist and talented composer, Fleetwalker’s acoustic based sound rests comfortably between Jeff Buckley and Bright Eyes, with lyrics that document a profound spiritual journey. Following on from the critical acclaim of his debut LP ‘Morning Void’ in 2011 (through Brooklyn based 825 Records) and the 2016 Youtube-only single ‘ASAP’, Fleetwalker’s musical evolution continues with the release of his forthcoming album titled ‘Perseverance’. Citing influences ranging from The Beatles to the Bible, Fleetwalker describes how his faith provided the inspiration for his latest work; “My lyrics focus on heaven and spirituality and struggle to make sense of sin and struggle in a broken world. My real hope is that people will leave my songs being satisfied by melody and musicality enough to embark on their own journey … wherever that may lead them.”.

‘Perseverance’ will be available through all major online streaming and download services from 22nd September, 2017.

Meanwhile check it out

“Versatile, honest, and well-made…” 8/10 (Sarah Whited, Music Connection)



    1.  Kamikaze
    2.  Elasticity Comb
    3.  She Bites
    4.  Walk On
    5.  Best of Friends
    6.  Flowers
    7.  Mad
    8. Love Song

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