“Go Easy On Me” a power pack single by OLGA

OLGA is a passionate artist who has deep love for music. She has been releasing some heart touching tracks recently. In her new single, OLGA takes you on a journey through the pitfalls of relationships. Particularly the ones that you can tell won’t end well but can’t keep yourself from diving head first into. “Go Easy On Me” is so fun and relatable that listeners are certain to press repeat (more than a few times).

This dynamic piece creates an intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary;. The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed. This composition would make a good concert opener.

“Go Easy On Me” uses old school pop beats and lyrics that are deeply personal to the artist to set the stage for her powerful voice. The whole arrangements complement each other and work really well with lyrics and theme. This composition would make a good concert opener. OLGA pulls her audience in with her all-too-familiar story of heartbreak, desperation, and passion. One can really chill out listening to this piece.

Overall it’s is a good song to listen to whenever you’re depressed or when you feel like you can’t be the person you are. I believe that you won’t regret if you give it a try. That would surely pump your heart fast and change your mood.

The catchy beat and their voices make you want to give it another listen.

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