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Goldee Heart Talks about his Music & Life

Goldee Heart’s interest in music, and specifically in piano,began at the early age of seven. By age eleven Goldee joined his first band as a keyboardist performing in local nightclubs, and later throughout the East Coast corridor. After performing with several local groups he released his first recording, “Give Me A Minute.” Circumstances influenced the self-contained
and introspective artist of today, creating a blend of urban R&B and pop which is unique to this artist who has produced his recordings utilizing multi-track layers of his own performances with a variety of influences.

Goldee Heart is a publisher and writer member of The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), a recipient of two Virginia R&B Independent Artist Awards. He is also 1st Place Winner of American Idol Underground R&B On Demand Competition. On December 11, 2015 for a 4th time Goldee reached Number One on Richmond,Va Reverbnation Pop Charts. On February 18, 2016 Goldee Heart reached Number One on the Euro Indie Music Charts.

We recently had an opportunity to had a conversation with Goldee Heart.

Twist Online : Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Goldee Heart. Where are you from?
Goldee Heart: I presently leave just outside of Richmond, Va.

Twist Online : Is there a story behing your name?
Goldee Heart: Yes it is. My teeth were damaged. One was damaged when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade.
Another was damaged years later while running sprints for Little League Football. I think I was 11 or 12 years old at that time. I was teased about it. I complained to my parents I wanted my teeth fixed. There was someone I knew R.I.P. who had two open faced crowns where mine are now and I wanted the same. After I got out of the dentist chair and he had me take a look I complained because of the two solid crowns. I was waiting for him to cut a hole in them or something. He said “Sorry we never discussed open faced crowns”. I was 14 or 15 at the time. Anyway here we go again. I was teased. This time by someone I respected. “Goldie!” “Goldie!” he laughed. That stuck with me. I later added Heart myself to reflect a more sensitive person.

Twist Online : How long have you been a musician?
Goldee Heart: I joined my first active band when I was eleven.

Twist Online : What first got you interested in playing music?
Goldee Heart: Although my syblings and myself were an audience to my Father singing at his request later my Uncle managed a Band when I was 7 Years old. I was allowed to attend some rehearsals and I believe it was then. It had a great impact on me watching that. I was fixed on the Organ Player because my Grandmother had a piano in her house where I lived at the time so I knew I had access.

Twist Online : What/who inspires your music?
Goldee Heart: I’ve had many musicians as an inspiration. My emotions inspire as well.

Twist Online : What are you trying to do with your music? Are you trying to get rich? What is your goal for your music?
Goldee Heart: At present for me it would be a great supplement to retire one day. I also hope that maybe one song will do for someone else what a song has meant to me at one time or another. A song can carry someone a long way at times.

Twist Online : Do you have any kind of management, publishing or distribution team behind you? If so what are their responsibilities?
Goldee Heart: No not at this time. I’m self published Minute Music/ASCAP. The Orchard and CD Baby handles my distribution. I do have a company that is doing Radio Promotion at present.

Twist Online : What one tip would you give to other musicians?
Goldee Heart: Research Music Publishing and Writer information if you’re interested in the recording business. It’s much easier to do that these days.
It’s a difference if you’re just interested in being an active musician and I feel that may depend on where you’re located and what opportunities are available for you. At least try to make sure your fellow musicians are on the same page
and you have an understanding before investing or wasting time which is important to you.

Twist Online : What do you see is in the future for the music industry? How do you think it will evolve/change?
Goldee Heart: I know I’ve seen a big change already. To me it used to be almost inaccessible. Now that communications have opened up it seems accessible to anyone if you can produce a product. Not so sure of where it’ll go from that.

Twist Online : Do you feel like the internet is helping you as a musician?
Goldee Heart: Yes it has. It’s been an outlet I definately didn’t have at one time and it has helped me to at least not feel stagnant.

Twist Online : How do you think social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have affected the music industry?
Goldee Heart: I don’t feel confident in saying how it has affected the Industry because I may not be looking at it from a business perspective as say a Record Executive. But for me just as I mentioned about the Internet it has been at least a outlet.
It’s not bad on your budget if you have one. If you don’t it can still probably help.

Twist Online : Where can we hear your music online?
Goldee Heart:

Twist Online : What projects are you working on at the moment?
Goldee Heart: I’m working on the Aftermath CD. I’ve released two singles from it so far.

Twist Online : Do you have any shoutouts you want to give?
Goldee Heart: Shout out to whoever has gotten this far reading this Interview. Mom doesn’t use the Internet. Peace and Love!

Thanks again Goldee Heart for doing this interview.

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