Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane’s Most Iconic Tracks

Atlanta-based rapper Gucci Mane has been in the game for over a decade. He was one of the pioneers of the trap movement along with other Atlanta-based rappers such as T.I. and Young Jeezy. Gucci Mane kicked off his career with his debut album Trap House back in 2005 to much success, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard rap charts. Since then Gucci Mane has released a slew of albums and has worked with the best that the industry has to offer, even including a collaboration with rising hip hop artist Healthy Chill back in 2017.

In more recent news, Gucci Mane released WOPTOBER II this month, marking the rapper’s 15th studio album. Alongside this release, The Source reports that the rapper has been made the face of the Italian luxury brand Gucci, which further cements his place in the annals of hip hop history. In lieu of this, it’s time to take a step back to re-examine Gucci Mane’s most iconic songs throughout his long and illustrious career.



Taken from what most people consider as Gucci Mane’s best album, The State vs. Radric Davis, comes a track that pretty much sums up Gucci’s lifestyle of excess and luxury. Bingo is the fourth single on the album and features Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka Flame. And while it isn’t the most popular of Gucci Mane’s songs, Bingo managed to peak at number 75 on the Billboard rap charts. The universal meaning of the word bingo is of course derived from the classic game. Even people who have never played know what it means when someone screams “bingo.” And while Foxy Bingo note that 75-ball is the most popular version in America, the game takes on an array of forms around the world. For instance, they play a 90-ball variation in the United Kingdom – but it all means the same thing when you hear someone excitedly screaming “bingo!” You’re instantaneously filled with excitement, you know someone’s about to win something — and that someone might be you. Through Bingo, Gucci is telling the world that he’s the one and that he’ll continue to win.

I’m a Star

There’s an argument to be made on whether Gucci Mane’s monotonous candor when rapping can be considered as ground-zero for the mumble-rap movement that has taken over the landscape of current rap music. A track that really shows this connection is I’m a Star taken from his The Movie mixtape from 2008. And while it isn’t the most polished of his tracks throughout his decade-long career, I’m a Star pretty much encapsulates what everyone loves about Gucci Mane: straightforward bars and a tight trap beat.



Lastly, we can’t talk about iconic tracks and not mention what may be one of Gucci Mane’s most successful songs ever. Both from his The Return of East Atlanta Santa album was the Atlanta rapper’s first real commercial success. The album is his first platinum record as a lead artist, and while some may chalk that up to Drake’s feature, very few can argue against the merits of the actual track. Since then, the rapper has collaborated with the biggest names in music such as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Migos.

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