GuiasyButta and RipJames talks about RIPGUI

GuiasyButta from St Louis Mo along side RipJames both been on a journey for over 10 years working solo and with other groups decided to become partners after crossing each others paths for years they decided to promote each other 3 years ago to start working on some songs that have now became a business move for them both (RIPGUI) is a brand people starting to like & hear. They have recently released new Mixtape RIPGUI single Pull up.

We got an opportunity to interview them. So here we are presenting it to our readers.

Tell us about your recent release ‘Pull Up’?
It’s A Gangsta party sound said: (GuiasyButta)
Pull up is a Door opener for what’s Next to expect on the rest of the album Said: (RipJames)

What kind of response it has received so far?
Nice response people liking it said:(RipJames)
It’s something the kids like to vibe to already said:(GuiasyButta)

What do you enjoy more performing on stage or working in studios?
Both said:(GuiasyButta) It’s a passion I can not decide Said:(RipJames)

Are you influenced by any particular music genre?
Soul music Said (RipJames) All music Said:(GuiasyButta

So what up next? We will see more of RIPGUI or individual works?
We both solo artist but we got other works from each of us already but you will here more of us but back n forth back n forth we already working on next one but (RipJames) got a LP coming i’m working on album and catch us on movie and more (RipJames) in a few picks now Said:(GuiasyButta)

Are you working on any new project?
Yes Said:(RipJames) longevity and Blessing

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