Haim Shim talks about his songwriting pilgrimage in his new song.

It’s been one moon cycle since Haim Shim’s latest release, and now, he is releasing a new single named “One Day You’ll be Happy” – An indie folk-rock effort that is eminently pleasant to the ears.

The song begins with a country guitar-picking style that leads into the beginning of the storytelling. The chorus features an organ that contributes a lot to the well thought of arrangement. At the bridge, Haim displays a strong vocal ability, where he sings as high as a bird with a great deal of passion.

In the lyrics, Haim talks about his journey as a singer-songwriter, he wrote this song while being on a quest of self discovery as an artist. The line “But you’ve never been better, you’ve never been free, and now that it’s over you can finally see” says it all. He felt liberated when drafting this song and while going through this life altering journey.

This is Haim’s 15th release on all major music platforms and you should definitely look forward for more of his unique music in the near future.

Listen to the song on YouTube:

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