Highly skilled and multi-talented Chris Sheldon

Chris Sheldon is a music producer/engineer from the West Midlands. His passion for music first started during mid teens where he began to experiment with mixing music after purchasing his first set of mixing decks. His inspiration came from the early UK Garage, Speed Garage & Bassline House genre and began producing his own music in 2008. During his time in this genre of music, Chris has produced his own tracks and collaborated with a number of upcoming producers.

In 2012 Chris was handed his first official remix of Lian Maries – Without You which was released by NUKG records. Following this, in 2013 Chris worked with Victorian Music LTD to produce a remix for Tracey Labelles – Worthy Of Love which was released on iTunes, amazon and juno.

For his latest work you can follow him on soundcloud

Or for video or his modeling and lifestyle pictures you can checkout his Instragram


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