Highly Talented Artist Kainawa Releases Music Video ‘Package’

Matthew “Kainawa” Ganda was born on 21 May, 1990 in Serabu,
Sierra Leone. As a young child he was forced to confront the dark nature of the world as war tore his homeland.
Like many others, he is still haunted by the sights and sounds of that era of his country’s history. The turbulent period caused his mother to move her children to Guinea. Where they stayed for a while before migrating to Gambia; and from there, the family joined Kainawa’s father who was residing in the United Kingdom.
kainawaOnce in the United Kingdom, Kainawa who was still young, thrived in the melting pot culture, and became a fan of art. He gravitated to music as a hobby, and mentioned that for a brief moment he even tried some opera lessons. His musical fascination ignited his production interest, and he taught himself FL Studio (formerly known as FruityLoops). As he composed beats, he tapped into the sounds of Gambia, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana and Angola. Kainawa also fused his productions with Reggae and Soca, which he came to appreciate over the years.
His decision to become a recording artiste was a gradual one. The choice came after a song that was recorded in collaboration with Kenogee, and Sus Prince was heard by persons, who knew him; and they encouraged him to consider recording music.
Once he made the decision to sing Kainawa disclosed that he felt it was a family honour, as he saw it as an opportunity to continue in the footsteps of his Uncle Ali Ganda, who was a Senior Producer and Calypso Singer that freelanced for BBC TV.
After much consideration, the musician changed his production name from “Super MG/Datguymg” to his middle name “Kainawa” which means in his Mende language “The Big Man.

He recently released his music video of the song Package. Check it out you will love it.

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