Holly T from Axe Murder Biitches talks about her recent release

Today on our Hot Seat we have Holly T once again with us. Let’s have a talk with her about her latest release.
Twist Online : First of all please re-introduce yourself to our readers.
Holly T :
I’m Holly T the chick behind Axe Murder Biitches. I’m a 30 something housewife from the middle of the map. Music is life. Since I’m just starting out I’m using SoundCloud to get my music out there. I’m an amateur beatmaker, singer/songwriter, aspiring entrepreneur, and certified web & graphic designer. I can’t wait to see where my musical journey takes me. I have big dreams that’s for sure!

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release?
Holly T :
My song Body Mane is just an accumulation of me writing over time out of boredom. It was meant to fit into the Horrorcore genre. I feel like a lot of female artists are not really visiting that style of music much, so that’s part of the reason I’m very drawn to it. It’s basically a horror story in musical form. It’s a tale of a disturbed girl’s creepy & morbid obsession with the smell of bodies post-mortem. She practically goes on a drunken drug fueled spree to acquire the bodies for the scent she craves so much. Even if it means taking a life, snatching bodies from roadside wreckage, or unearthing corpses from their very graves. The psychotic girl then drags the bodies back to her residence under the mask of night’s darkness only to bury them for safekeeping, later unearthing them to bask in the rotten smell of death that she is wickedly attracted to. She is a very sick person & there is no back story to explain why she is so ill. Other than the fact that I was researching the term Horrorcore on Wikipedia and I literally nailed every category! The song is meant to shock, offend, & just make people think. Unusual? Yes. Unusual for Horrorcore, I think not.

Twist Online :What kind of response have you received from the release?
Holly T :
Well people are definitely listening! I think those who are not familiar with the Horrorcore genre might feel a little uneasy. Hopefully they will be cool with it and enjoy a good story. Hopefully they will understand that it’s not about me. Just think of a female Stephen King. My imagination brings out a ton of fiction!

Twist Online :Are you working on any new projects?
Holly T :
Well I’m always tossing around ideas & plans, always learning, trying to perfect my craft. I think it will be a lifelong process. I’ve just been practicing doing a lot of covers lately, trying to find my sound. In a week or so I should have a cover of my favorite song on SoundCloud! I had an instrumental remade in FL Studio and I’m throwing in some of MY personality, kind of making it my own! I’m also doing gigs on Fiverr for artists needing custom beat tags or any other projects that I can accommodate.

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