Hot Sacci is ready for the next level !

Hot Sacci (Sah-Chee) is a talented music artist from Seattle, WA. He has been on music scene since last 2 years now. Started music career by starting to create his own beats which later evolved into him becoming a rapper.

Here he is 2 years later with 2 mixtapes out, and 4 self-produced albums. His first album was called “Lil Sacci to Hot Sacci” It can be regarded as just a startup as it was just the beginning of making of a talented rapper. Sound quality was a bit missing in that album compared to his most recent surprise album drop “Painful Fantasy” where he seemed to have found his sound, and show a lot of his versatility in music on this album as well.

He has been crafting and shaping his sound for so long now, and all that resulted in his talented voice picking the right pitch. He has definitely found his voice after all of this hard work that he has been going through. All that’s left for him now is to keep on striving hard, and going up because he is ready to make a breakthrough to the next level!

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