How Music Can Improve Your Diet, Fitness, and Weight Loss

Music is not only relaxing to the soul but can also help you keep a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever listened to your favorite genre of music while jogging or at the gym? If you have you know how music can keep you going when you are almost giving up.

Research shows that music affects our lifestyle positively and improves the relationship with those around us. Recently, special music has been composed with a specific beat rate that keeps you motivated and enjoying the workout. Let us look how music can impact your diet, fitness and weight loss.

Music helps you workout harder and longer
If you have visited any aerobic centers and gyms you will find that they music is a dominant element. The music helps increase the attendant’s motivation and performance. If you are trying to lose weight ensure that the music you listen to as you work out matches with your routines. You will be surprised on how long you can exercise without being distracted. Music can make you work twice as hard because your focus is not on the pain of the workout but on the music.

One major thing that makes the weight loss journey difficult is consistency. While other people are motivated by their work out partners to keep going and not give up, music could be your motivator. A study conducted at Fairleigh Dickinson University set two groups of adults who wanted to lose weight. Half of the team was to work out while listening to music while the other half worked out without music. After six months the music group had lost more than 16 pounds while the non-tune lost 8 pounds only. It’s time to fill your iPod with your favorite set of music and shed the weight.

Increases Serotonin levels
Keeping to a healthy diet can be stressful. Being at the gym five days a week for a year and not seeing desired results can cause one to lose motivation and start feeding on junk, quit being fit, and overeating. Serotonin helps the body and mind relax. High levels of serotonin keep the hunger pangs away and your mind is focused on engaging in healthy diets.
What’s interesting is that music enhances the production of serotonin and before you know it all the stress goes away and you are living a healthy lifestyle. High serotonin levels should be an ally to anyone who wants to be fit as they are the key to a successful diet.


Keeps your mind busy
Most people spend their evening watching TV. Even when you are following a healthy diet it might be challenging not to snack on junk as you watch your favorite shows. It’s time to turn off your TV and put on some music. The advantage with music is that you can work around the house and carry out other tasks as you still enjoy the music. Engage your children, friends and other family members in dancing to the music. You will not only be shedding the weight but also bonding with your family.
Music has a wide range of different genres. The choice is yours on what you want to listen to and what motivates you. What works for you might not work for another person. Get a good portable MP3 player and walk or jog. Music can help you live a healthier, happier life.

About the author:

Brian enjoys listening to his favorite music songs everyday while he walks to his office. He has seen the benefits of music on his own weight loss journey with BistroMD—a low-priced meal delivery service—and DiettoGo, for which he offers a 15% off coupon.


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