Hyway Jackson

Hyway Jackson talks about his recent release Presidential

Hyway Jackson is a talented rap artist from New Jersey who is now settled in Atlanta GA. He is very passionate about music. He has recently released a new single and video “Presidential”. He is also planning a tour for this single. Presidential is getting excellent response on iTunes and all other major music outlets. We are sure you will love the conversation we had with him.
Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hyway Jackson : Hyway Jackson. The 1 they expected to perish in the streets.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music?
Hyway Jackson : I always had my heart deep into music since a child.  Never expecting for it to be a source of relief for my world, but some how or another God has this gift of placing you where he feels like your needed most. I was inspired by quite a few. Tupac Shakur, Naughty by Nature, D-Block, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, I mean I’m a late 80’s baby so I got the old and new school in me.  Today’s music I fuck with Young Thugga thugga, Future Hendrix the Wizard, as well as Migos and Black Youngsta. Just basically the artist that made it out of Hostile environments is what inspired me.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent single “Presidential”?
Hyway Jackson : Presidential! I feel like once you reach a point in your life where you know what you want and deserve you will work hard to get to get it and se how the people close to you wont even want you to have it. Lol. Then character gets built and there you go. “Presidential” we all have something Presidential about us within. Find it. Cause Hyway Jackson Presidential!

Twist Online : You have released a music video of the single. What kind of response have you received for it so far?
Hyway Jackson : I didn’t give them a full visual of Presidential yet but its coming soon. For now just feed your years. Your eyes will be fed abundance later.

Twist Online : Who are the rappers you would like to collaborate with?
Hyway Jackson :  I want to collab with all of the ones who trill! The ones who never got caught on no hating or hoe shyt!

Twist Online : Do you plan on doing a tour of your single? If so which cities can people see you perform?
Hyway Jackson : Yes I do plan on doing a tour for my single “Presidential’ World Wide. It’s necessary shyt. I’m running for President!

Twist Online : What are some of the goals you would like to achieve as a music artist?
Hyway Jackson : I want to go as far as the music can take me. And you understand music you understand its unlimited in heights.

Twist Online : Besides releasing Presidential Are you working on any new projects?
Hyway Jackson : Besides Presidential you guys can expect hit after hit from Hyway Jackson. nothing less than passion with fashion

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