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“Imagination” by One New Spirit – A Melodious, Inspiring and Engaging Track

Recently came across a track titled ‘ Imagination’ by One New Spirit. I would say I am really impressed. From lyrics to vocals, composition to production everything about the track is perfect. Listen to it thrice but couldn’t find a single loop hole to mention.

Main theme of the track is about a rebirth. It’s about a soul that is evolving through life’s breakthrough lessons. When one moves through fears there comes a time when fearlessness takes charge and no more fears left. And then the heart connects and you learns the true meanings of love, how to love and how to dream.

The music and lyrics of the track are written by Krista Gardner a.k.a One New Spirit. She’s an uplifting composer that Captivates your attention bringing you into connection with the universe through her beautiful words and melodious voice.

While the main credits of producing and arrangement go to Marko Fazio, not only can Krista sing, she kept the voice pitch perfect and the executive production of this composition timeless. The chemistry was streaming through the sound, and I’d say well done indeed. The mix and the master had the bright touch by Jeremy Underwood, and Thierry Chaunay put his spin when tracking and engineering the drums and strings.

This single is a perfect example of teamwork: strong vocals, well written and inspirational lyrics, classic music and then mixed and produced the way it should be. Overall this is a track that will lighten up your mood. Check it out.


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